Bar Accessories

You need more than just your glasses

When you own a property, you are always looking for new elements to include and make sure it is as comfortable as you would like it to be and of course, that it has the aesthetics you’re aiming for. 
Most of the time, people just consider the main areas and parts of a home to be the only ones required for it to look good and as a result, everyone invests money in only these and neglect the rest as well as everything that involves the ‘extra’ areas. 
With that said, the same happens when it is something specific in your home, such as the utensils you use or maybe the furniture and décor you place in your home. 
Now, we want to refer to something specific: the bar that you might have in your property and how it needs the right tools and utensils to satisfy your needs. 
Everyone believes a drinking glass is everything they need, but when you think about it twice, you notice there’s a lot that can be of use for you. Starting with all the materials and extra accessories that would be great to get the specific drink you want, or to just store all your wines, whiskeys and have some décor in this area of your home and believe us, it will be worth investing some in making it more useful and beautiful. 
To give you some ideas, you could easily get a wine rack to display your bottles, some coasters for your glasses or drinks, and imagine getting a cocktail shaker set to finally prepare every single one you love. 
In Urban Factorie, we are more than aware of the beauty of having a bar in your home but also, how important is to have all the required accessories to complement it and make it feel like part of the entire property. 
If you love drinks and the entire concept of a bar, we are sure you will love investing and getting some racks, coasters, or sets. 

Why leave them everywhere when you could get a wine rack 
If you are a wine lover, you definitely need a place where you can put all your wine and ensure two things: that they won’t fall and also look good with the rest of the décor in your property. 
Most people consider wine racks to be quite expensive, but that depends on the design you get, the material it is made of, and how many spaces it has to display your bottles. 
In our store, we have many cheap wine racks for you to get one that fits your budget but also meets your needs and preferences. 
We want you to get what you need without paying a high price for it when it clearly isn’t necessary. 
Now, we encourage you to start by having a look at our Geometric Wine Rack that is made of metal and is the perfect wine rack for 6 bottles since it offers comfort and aesthetics due to how stunning it looks thanks to its design and shape. 
We are sure you will love it and even if you don’t use all 6 spaces, we are confident it will be a great addition and accessory for your bar to add some good-looking features to it. 

Don’t damage your furniture and surfaces 
Here’s the problem when you have your drink either alone, with your friend or family: the humidity or liquid of the glass can damage the surface where you place it. 
This doesn’t apply to every single case, but if you have certain tables and surfaces that are quite delicate to water and other liquids, you definitely want to prevent them from getting a little wet. 
This can be prevented by using the right accessories in your bar—where most of the time, the table is made of wood—or in any other area of your home such as your dining table or coffee table. 
Coasters are an item you should get used to prevent different accidents and some damage, and fortunately, we have a wide variety of them in our stores that will go well with the design of your bar and furniture in your home. 
In Urban Factorie, we have several collections that consist of coasters for your glasses, drinks, or dining table in order to blend well with the rest of your décor and utensils on the table. 
One of our favorites is the Set of 4 10x10cm Vintage Coaster that is amazing to use for your drinks and any other glass, and don’t worry, they are made of PU and won’t get damaged no matter how wet it gets. 
Now, is there an actual difference between coasters for coffee tables and maybe drinks or dining tables? 
Yes, the material and design are usually different to obtain other looks and ensure the resistance is perfect for the type of glass used in the situation. 
We have several options in coasters for your dining table that will look amazing either if you went for an elegant and modern design, or maybe a classic or rustic look obtained with all the elements in your home and dining table. 
What we can tell you is: any of our coasters will look amazing and won’t disappoint you either in utility and aesthetics. 
Feel free to browse our store and look for coasters for tables and any other that comes to your mind. 

Can you imagine yourself preparing your own drink?
After a long day working, studying, or just dealing with all the things you have to fix and organize at home, a nice cocktail doesn’t sound half bad. Instead, we are sure you would love want and right now, that’s very hard due to all the quarantine happening around the world. 
But what if you could prepare it yourself? After all, it isn’t about these crazy times alone but also being able to get it without going to a bar outdoors and pay for it, especially when you have a bar in your own house or property. 
If you’re liking the idea so far, you will need a few accessories and utensils for your bar in order to get the desired result—besides some practice, of course. 
In our online store, we have full cocktail shaker sets and mixer ones that will help you to get that cocktail after a very long day. 
The best part? Our sets are not only useful and fulfill every requirement, but they also look stunning and will enhance the appearance and aesthetic of your bar and home overall. 
Our 550/750ml Stainless Steel Cocktail Shaker Set comes either with the shaker alone or with 5 to 9 pieces to have all the utensils. Thanks to the material used, you won’t have to worry about how long it will last but rather how many drinks you will make with it. 
But if you are looking for something fancier, elegant, and more unique, you can go for our Premium Cocktail Shaker Set in Copper, it comes with 3 extra pieces to prepare your cocktails and we assure you its stunning look will leave everyone breathless whenever they see you getting the drinks done. 

How to enhance your bar at home 
Unlike what others believe, investing in the décor and utensils of your bar isn’t a bad idea, especially when you plan to use it for special occasions or just to prepare your own drinks. 
To be honest, we believe it is a good way to enhance your home’s aesthetic since a bar always looks appealing, but that’s only as long as you have made sure every utensil and feature in the space blends well with the other. Just consider it as another room in your home that needs attention and care. 
With that said, you either have your bar built at home or have a good idea of how you want it to look in terms of appearance and materials used. Like getting wood, granite, or other elements to build every part. 
But when it comes to the accessories, here’s what you need to do: get what you need but also what looks better for your bar while keeping in mind your budget and prices. 
Of course, this isn’t simple, but in our store, you will be able to find cheap wine racks, affordable cocktail mixer sets, coasters for your drinks, and more items and products on sale that will allow you to get the final result you want. 
Now, how do you know what goes well with your décor and bar? We have a few recommendations and other accessories out of the usuals that can be the perfect touch. 
If you are a whiskey lover, you definitely want it cold most of the time, but making ice or buying it is not always in your mind. 
Our store has a 6 pieces/lot Whiskey Stone Cooler that can be reused as many times and you want and the best part is that they will look amazing in your drink. 
Even when it isn’t directly associated with the appearance of your bar, you get a lot from having not only beautiful items but also useful ones. 
Other options such as our Wooden Cocktail Mixer and Decanter Cap for Bottles are stunning and you’ll definitely love them if you are aiming for an elegant look in your space. 
While the Handmade Plating Wine Holder goes amazing for any bar with a classic and contemporary style. 
We are confident that any of our wine racks to display your bottles and other accessories such as our coasters for glasses and drinks, will look fascinating and enhance your bar’s appearance.  
Beautiful doesn’t have to mean ‘no useful’ 
In Urban Factorie, we have a very specific politic about creating and offering items and products that makes people love them at first sight, but we want them to also be useful and meet the needs of everyone that decides to acquire them. 
Therefore, don’t expect our products and bar accessories to be stunning alone but also something you will use quite frequently thanks to how resistant and durable they are as well. 
Either if you decide to go for our coasters for your dining table or maybe a cheap wine rack of our collections, you won’t be disappointed with any of the features and qualities of the item. 
Instead, you will be fascinated and love every single aspect of it. 
We are very proud of this and look forward to having what you need to have a functional bar but also a good-looking one that steals everyone’s eyes when entering your home. 
At the same time, we aim to make you feel comfortable and happy with the setup of this space in your home since it will finally be of use but also a great addition to enhance the beauty of your property. 
Rest assured we have a lot to offer and you can get high-quality items and accessories, starting with cocktail mixer sets and ending with hanging frames for wine glasses. 
Now, we only want to ask you: do you have something in mind? 
Continuing with our suggestions, we encourage you to start with our wine racks for display and cheap ones so you can have an idea of what you can get and can be useful in your bar. 
On the other hand, coasters for your drinks or using a single coaster for your coffee table is always necessary, and you can find either individual or sets in our store. 
As you can see, in Urban Factorie, we have all the accessories you need and even more than you expect for your space. 

Start making changes today!
You can get any of our items and expect the best results right after receiving them. 
Just keep in mind that when you are buying our products you need to have a look at the materials used for them. 
Don’t worry, we are confident about the materials used and how amazing they are, but we want you to keep this in mind so you can get the one you prefer according to the rest of your accessories or maybe just a specific preference you have.