Get comfortable with the best chairs in the market

As much as we love our beds, sometimes we just want to spend some time sitting on the balcony, living room, or even in our own bedrooms but without involving what we use for sleeping. 
We can always sit and have that special time we’re looking for but, for how long? Most chairs we have at home are not the most comfortable ones and we not only get tired but also spend most of the time on them being quite uncomfortable. Thus, you agree with us when we say a comfortable chair—or several ones—is required, right? 
Now, finding it is quite difficult unlike what most people would believe. Even when you try a few ones in the nearest store or take your time with it, you are not always happy with your buy afterward and it is either because the chair wasn’t the right one or the durability of its comfort is not what the product promised when acquiring it. 
With us, you won’t have this problem anymore. In Urban Factorie, we love a good-looking, amazing but more importantly, comfortable chair for any home, room, or office. We just love spending time reading a book while relaxing on it or finally having the best chair to watch TV or work all day long. 
We are a store that deeply cares about the quality of the chairs we provide and how you feel with them in the short and long-run. Thus, you will find a wide range of options that cover what you need for comfort purposes but also style and price. 
From leather chairs for the living room to a lounge chair with a high back, we have it all and we’re more than confident you will find ideas, inspiration, and the perfect chair for your needs and preferences. 

Stay all day at home without worrying about your back
Most people spend more time sitting than lying down in their beds or any similar furniture. The reason? Because we do many more activities while being on a chair, especially when we are working or spending a lot of time at home. 
This is why we have designed high-quality lounge chairs for your living room where you can spend hours without worrying about how much your back hurts, how uncomfortable you are, or anything else that involves a negative thought. You will love our options as much as we do and it is all thanks to the design and materials used for our products. 
Our Minimalist Stylish Lounge Chair with a high back is a favorite due to how much comfort it offers for either have a chat with your loved ones and friends, work all day or just chill all day at home doing anything you want. It is made of wood and the fabric of the cushion is just stunning, of high-quality, and very easy to clean from any stains. It comes in 6 different colors and you can even add an ottoman to it. 
We also have more designs available with a lower back, retro style, and other features. Every single one of our lounge chairs for living rooms will be perfect regardless of the space you have. They fit in any corner and won’t take too many inches of your room. 

Feet up is the same as comfort
One of the disadvantages of being on a chair is that you don’t usually get the chance to relax your feet. It is not weird to have them swollen after hours of being in the same spot. For people with health issues, this could be the main reason why they prefer to go to bed even when they have a chair with a comfortable back to be on, and for people overall, they just don’t want to get super tired and swollen feet every time. 
We understand this and since we also have our own experience in the matter, we wanted our chairs to be perfect and that involves adding a footstool whenever it is needed or wanted. 
We have chairs with footstools available in our store. You will find several lounges and leather chairs that come with one or you can decide if you want it added or not to your buy. Our previous Minimalist Stylish Lounge Chair comes with one for whoever wants it, and you can also get the opportunity with other items. Our armchairs tend to have one included or the possibility of it. 
Just take your time when looking through our catalog and products. Many of them might look simple and unique but you will find surprises and sets that include the footstool your need and, of course, expect it to be as comfortable as the chair itself. 

How do you get stains out of fabric chairs?
Most of our lounge chairs and even the chairs with footstool are made of fabric in order to cover the cushion and obtain the final design. Yes, we know the fabric is quite comfortable and looks amazing, which is why we use it in several ones of our products. 
However, when you acquire one, you need to make sure you actually know how to clean it and get any stain out of it, which is something most homeowners and people overall know nothing about. 
Most fabric cannot be cleaned with water but rather vacuum only or a special solvent-based cleaner. We didn’t want to make things too complicated for you, but we have some exceptions that we suggest you follow accordingly to the tags you find when acquiring the item which is going to indicate the best way to clean them. 
In the case of stains, you usually need water and liquids to get the stain off. For 90% of our products, you can follow this process:
Vacuum your fabric chair to remove the dirt before rubbing the stain.
You will mix 2 cups of distilled water with 1 tablespoon of dishwashing liquid and one of vinegar. 
Use a clean cloth and dampen it with the previous mix, and use this cloth to start blotting the stain without rubbing or scrubbing.
Use another cloth with distilled water only to remove the remaining soap. 
Finally, a dry cloth will be needed to blot the area again to remove the excess liquid and solutions. 
Place a fan near it or right in the area to finish drying the fabric.
The material will be as good as new and you won’t have to worry about any damage as long as you are gentle in the process.
Leather chairs never get old
Can we all agree that leather will always be leather? To be clearer, leather is a material you want in most of your furniture and appliances when it is possible.
Just consider having a leather chair for your living room, your bedroom, or in your office. You will want to spend most of your time sitting in it and when you have this feeling with a chair, you know it is the right one. 
Of course, you can obtain this depending on your preferences and, therefore, with other materials and options. However, we know that a leather chair with a high back, short, in red, or in any possible way, not only brings a comfortable feeling when you sit on the fabric but also gives your space more style. 
We are more than aware of this, which is why you will find a large variety of leather chairs in our store. All of them come in black but you can also obtain most of them in white, yellow, and khaki leather—being black the natural and the rest walnut. 
The Hans Wegner Style Three-Legged Shell Chair within our items is a comfortable chair made of wood and features of leather that adds comfort when you sit on it. This design—in particular—is perfect for small spaces, offices, and living rooms. 
You can also consider going for a lounge chair with leather as the main fabric for the external cover of the cushion. You will find leather chairs with a high back, also, for sale, and many other alternatives depending on what you are looking for. 
If you ask us which one, we consider is the best leather product we have, we have to admit it is a tough question. However, our leather chair for living rooms is definitely leading the list. 

What to clean leather chairs with
As much as we love leather, we have to be honest about how problematic it can be to clean when you don’t have an idea of how to do it properly. 
Many people end up changing their leather chairs for this reason alone and even when we don’t blame them, we believe it has a simple solution: finding the answer to the question “what to use”. 
In Urban Factorie, we want you to have your leather chairs in their best shape all year round and for decades, which is what each one of our items with this material should last. Thus, here we go: cleaning the leather chairs in living rooms or wherever they are placed is not difficult. 
Essentially, you will need soap, a soft cloth, and water to clean most of the stains in your chair. Soap and water can do magic with the disaster on it if it involves a mild stain. Just use the soap along with warm water—make soapy water—and wipe without too much pressure your stains. Once this is over, dry your leather with another clean and dry cloth. 
But what about dark stains and those very difficult to get rid of? Use a cotton swab dipped in rubbing alcohol for these situations. The only advice when doing this is to make sure to not apply the alcohol directly to the stain or you will make things worse than they already are. 
For just a normal cleaning process where you want to get the dust off your chair, you don’t have to get too worked out with it. A cloth with water will do just fine, and make sure to add the leather cream whenever you remove a stain and periodically to re-moisturize your leather chairs by using a clean cloth. It is that simple. 
We know why you might have thought with leather chairs with high backs or any type of it would be difficult but, do you still think the same? We don’t think so!

This is why you need to buy with us
Urban Factorie has several purposes in order to achieve the main goals of our store. 
First, we wanted to be the place where you could find anything in home décor and that—of course—includes lounge chairs for living room, leather chair with a high back, and many other options in this particular furniture. 
Second, your comfort is our comfort as well. Thus, you can expect each one of our products to meet your expectations in this area. Of course, some will always be more comfortable than others according to your standards, but you will never find an uncomfortable one you don’t want at all costs. 
Finally, we think about you not only in how good you feel with our chairs but also in how much you can and will spend on them. This is what led us to have very good prices for anyone to be able to access them while also having luxurious and expensive options to cover other clients’ preferences. 
With that being said, expect home décor for cheap when buying in Urban Factorie along with a large variety of lounge chairs for sale and leather ones as well. 
All our products and items can be found in our online store where you will have access to every color, size, design, and leather or lounge chair you are looking for. 
Feel free to also find some inspiration if you aren’t clear about the best option for your home or office. We are confident about us having what you want but also need. Thus, take it easy and have fun getting the lounge chair or that black leather one you’ve always wanted.