Coffee Tables

A lovely table is the key for your home

Any furniture, table, sofa, décor, and piece you can place in your home will play an important role in the final result. One thing can change the whole concept or make you feel like you’re in the right place—or not. 
If you want early advice, here it is: take your time choosing what will be part of your property; either if you have a home remodeling in mind or maybe obtaining new décor and objects for your office. 
With that said, you will need to make the right choices but also get what you need from the best people. At Urban Factorie, we’re more than happy to be able to take part in all your remodeling and design projects, especially when it is a space that is going to be your forever home. 
We have made sure to include several options where you can find even the smallest details and pieces for your home, which include that small round coffee table you want for your afternoons, maybe a round wood coffee table that goes well with your rustic design and the rest of your wood appliances and furniture, or if you’re looking for a side table for bedroom or living room, you bet we have it here. 
Urban Factorie offers a wide range of tables that will go well either indoors or outdoors. The only thing you have to consider is what design goes better with your preferences, the style you’re building at home, and which one makes you feel like there’s nothing you will enjoy more than having—maybe—that black round coffee table or side table with storage as part of your space.

Why would you add a coffee table?
Coffee tables are particularly popular nowadays. However, many people still wonder why they would spend time looking for one when they could just fill everything with large ones or a simple table in a corner. 
Or maybe, this is what worries you: you don’t drink coffee. Well, despite the name, you can do much more with one and it does not necessarily include coffee. This type of table is perfect to fill empty spaces where you wish to have an item where you can place your glass of water, the book you’re reading currently, or finally, your cup of coffee. 
Also, they come in a large variety of designs and colors that give your space the final touch you need. 
In our store, we have the best options that go from a small round coffee table to place in the middle of a small meeting area, wood ones that go well in any space and area of your home, and even metal coffee tables that add a modern vibe. 
The truth is that you can use them in any corner or empty space where you know a table is missing. You only need the right size and design that goes well with the rest of your décor. Most people who buy with us are loving the simple and Nordic styles we offer that come in different designs. 
3 of our best-selling items include our Creative Round Nordic Wood Coffee Table that has a three-dimensional design on the surface, it’s completely made of wood, and you can obtain it in white or brown. 
For the other 2, our Round Wood Coffee Table with Two Layers and Modern Metal Small Round Coffee Table will definitely steal the show regardless of the specific style you have. 
Why? Because the first one comes in a beautiful white color, but you can also obtain it as a black round coffee table since we know how much people are loving this color for their spaces. 
As for the other, white, green, and yellow will bring your home the vibe you need and complement the rest of your design.

How do you style a small round coffee table? 
What worries most homeowners when they are acquiring one is the idea of where they are going to place it. You don’t have to struggle with it. 
A small round coffee table comes with the advantage of fitting in any space and area. However, we would suggest you place it in the center or next to your furniture where you take a sit to talk with friends, receive your visits, or spend time watching TV. You can also go for the option of complementing a small table you already have or a space that requires an item to leave your belongings on it. 
Now, if you’re worried about how it will look, you can just get a small round coffee table of the same color as your other appliances, furniture, or tables, but it isn’t entirely necessary. Small ones that come in colors such as white, black, or brown, go well with any style at home, especially thanks to their sizes. Thus, don’t worry, just choose the one you like the most and go for the same or similar color of other items if you’re not sure about mixing. 

Should your coffee table match your end tables?
Not necessarily, but you can match them as much as you want. 
In Urban Factorie, we believe that everyone has a style and design in mind. Thus, we suggest you just follow your instincts and go for the coffee table you think goes better with what you’re looking for. 
But if you’re trying to have a quite defined harmony in your rooms and go for an option where your end tables are involved, you can match them without problems. So, as a short answer, you don’t have to match them, but you can as long as you want to and find the right design. 
How can you match them if that’s what you desire? Finding a similar design or structure compared to your end tables is what you can aim for, but it will be 10 times easier to get a small round coffee table of the same color as your end tables. For example, our black round coffee table or the oval option would go amazing with your other black appliances and tables. 

Side tables are everything
Here’s a common problem: you sit on your sofa and you don’t have anything near to place your books, cellphone, or anything you usually use. The closest one is probably the table on the other side of the room or even when there’s one quite near you, you’re trying to have your items at hand without too much effort. 
Side tables are what you need if you feel identified with what we mentioned before, or if you are looking for a table where you can place some décor, fill an empty space, or obtain more storage for your home. 
We wanted to ensure that anyone in need of one—or maybe more—could access it without worrying about the quality, design, and style of the table; which is why we have a variety that includes a side table for couch or bedroom and those you can place in the living room and wherever you want them to fulfill your needs.
We have very simple but also modern designs that go well with any style. One of our options is a Simple Modern Side Table that has features such as:
Useful for bedroom and living room.
Easy to assemble. 
This side table for bedrooms or living rooms is customized so you are guaranteed it will fit properly and won’t be too small or large for your needs. 
Our personal favorite is the Marble Side Table that comes with a beautiful top of marble and stunning finishes that fit in a modern but also classic design for any room in your home. 
Now, where can you place them? For what can you use these tables? They are perfect for everything. 
All our side tables can be—first of all—placed in any room in your property, including bedrooms, living rooms, next to your favorite sofa, or even take it wherever you will sit. 
As for what you can use them for, people cover needs such as eating, working, reading, and studying. You just need the right one for you and we are confident about what we offer will meet your expectations. 
From side tables with storage to a side table for your living room, we have it all. 

What cleaning products are safe to use on marble?
Marble is what moves people from acquiring and buying new tables, countertops, and anything where they can have this material in particular. We understand why: because it’s beautiful and goes well with any design and style. 
However, it is painful to clean and can be more delicate than what most people believe. 
We have kept this in mind when building our coffee and side tables for you, and even when we cannot do much about the difficulty of cleaning such material, we wanted to give you some advice on it. 
First, don’t complicate your life. Mild soap and hot water will be your best friends when it comes to cleaning your marble tables regularly. Now, what can you do when your beautiful white or black round coffee table gets stains? Here’s when chemicals and products are useful. 
You cannot use any product you find in stores. Instead, make sure to find a very soft liquid cleaner that won’t damage your marble nor make the stain worse than it already is. For paint stains—for example—, you might need to use lacquer thinner. Several products are also made to handle any problem with your marble, but if you can avoid using chemicals, that would be for the best since most of them tend to damage and even stain the material as well. 
If you don’t have a critical problem, always use hot water and a good soap that will make you work a bit more to take the stain or damage off, but will pay off long-term by preserving the quality and beauty of your side table or coffee table.  

You can spend time outdoors thanks to our tables
Over the years, we have made sure to not only cover the indoor designs and styles of our customers and people overall but also, guarantee they’re able to obtain options for their outdoor spaces. Thus, if you’re looking for an outdoor coffee table that can fill your empty space and work as an item to place your cup of coffee, belongings, and make yourself comfortable—as well as your visitors—, we are excited about being able to help you this time as well. 
Most of our options for outdoor spaces are round ones that are made of metal and marble, but you can also access a few made of wood that will resist any weather and allow you to place anything on top of them. 
Our Creative Nordic Low Round Coffee Table offers comfort, beauty, and style. But more importantly, it will stand the use you’re planning to give it. This one, in particular, comes in different sizes and colors as well as a three-dimensional design if you wish for it. 
We still have a list of round outdoor coffee tables we’re confident you will love just as much as we do! Feel free to have a look, find some inspiration for your space, and complete your design with any of our tables. 

Why buy your coffee table and side table with us
We are one of the few people in the industry that worry about the style but also the quality of the products in our store. 
We want you to have a beautiful design you will love every time you open the door to your bedroom or get to your living room to spend time alone or with your loved ones. But we also wanted to create durable and high-class and quality options that will not disappoint in the short but mostly long-run. 
This means you can access any round coffee table, marble side table, and all the designs and items from our store without worrying about how long they will last, how much they will offer in terms of functionality, and don’t even think about having to replace it in a few years because they’re ugly. It is the opposite. You will enjoy your side table in your living room, any round coffee table you decide to place, and many more, for decades