Desk & Writing Tables

You can have your own working space 

When you arrive, see your office and look at your desk, or when you start the day in your home to do your work or study, do you look forward to the area where you will be doing it? If not, we are certain that it is because it isn’t comfortable and you probably hate the design and style as well. 
No one said that a desk or area where you do your work or spend some time getting things done, couldn’t be pleasant to the eye and comfortable at the same time. It is hard to find or achieve indeed, but you definitely should aim for it, especially when it comes to the comfort feature. 
In Urban Factorie, we have thought about this many times since we are also workers and use a desk for anything that is required at the moment. Thus, we know you want to have comfort when you decide to sit and start your day at home with your projects, or whenever you get to your office and continue where you left the last time. 
This is why we offer several designs and options in desks and writing tables that can help you to have enough space for your materials, be comfortable in the position you take while working, and have your own area for this and nothing else. 
We have put extra thought into desks and tables that include a space for your laptop or computer, and even for those that are specially made for these instruments. Therefore, what can you expect in our store? To begin with, a large variety of laptop tables for bed, modern desks for home offices, corner desks with shelves, and much more. 

Get the desk of your dreams
For any person who has to spend hours sitting in front of a computer or take the time at a desk to deal with all the paperwork, a desk is a must-have no matter what you say. Right now, this is something people are starting to add to their personal lists even more due to the need of working at home or be more independent. 
We get it, you want to be able to work without hurting your back every time or sometimes, even just watch Netflix and chill in your bed while using your laptop. We have kept this in mind before anything else, which is why our variety of desks and writing tables can cover your needs. 
For specific writers that spend a lot of time going through documents, writing new projects, or spend time in this process, we have modern desks for home offices in order to have enough area to place your arms, papers, notes for ideas, and even your food when you don’t want to miss another minute while sitting on the dining table to eat. 
Our Modern Style Computer/Laptop Desk is one of our favorites as a multipurpose and with enough space to place books and other items under the main working area. It has a second layer or level below the main one to do this. 
It is made of wood, comes in white, black and wooden, and you can aim for a large one or smaller one that fits your space just perfectly. 
Or you can aim for a different style and shape that helps you to place them in very specific areas of your room. A good example is the corner desk L shaped we have available in stunning black color. 

Don’t quit to the desk you want because of a small space
Usually, people decide to use the dining table or other areas of their homes and properties to get the work done due to the small spaces they have. Not everyone has an extra room to place a desk nor enough space to add one to the living room or bedroom. 
This is a very common circumstance that leads people to be very uncomfortable to work at home. Thus, they either decide to go to their offices in another place, or give themselves up in the fact that working, writing, or doing anything they want in this matter will be uncomfortable. 
In Urban Factorie, we can offer you desks that will fit in your small rooms and spaces. Many of the options are portable or foldable, which means you can just use it when it is needed and save it when you’re done with everything. 
This idea of foldable desks is perfect if you’re aiming for one in your bedroom or very small office, and we have several items that meet this requirement along with being stylish and comfortable when using them. 
The Wooden Foldable Laptop Table model we have comes in 2 different designs and 6 colors. It is beautiful and will allow you to work without having to use the same table in the living room for everything. Another one you might like is our 60x40cm Adjustable Portable Laptop Desk.

You can stay in bed and work at the same time
Here’s something many people believe: working from bed is super comfortable and everyone should do it. Well, that isn’t quite right. 
Staying in bed, when it isn’t for sleeping, can be very uncomfortable after a while. Just imagine your laptop on a pillow and your legs while you have papers all over it and it is easy to damage or ruin them. When you picture this, you know it isn’t as good as anyone would believe. 
However, it isn’t impossible to do it either and you can improve the conditions to do it without suffering too much or maybe at all. 
For this, we have designed and included in our store laptop tables for bed. You can place it thanks to how stable the legs will be due to the structure we have given them, and you will love being able to use your laptop and mouse as well. 
We have an Adjustable Bedside Laptop Table that is also portable and foldable. You can place it just like a bedside table in a hospital but this one will allow you to have a stable surface for your laptop, mouse, and even some papers and writing utensils. And no, you don’t have to lift it since it comes with wheels. Also, in 3 different colors that can fit your taste. 
If you want something simple that will just fulfill your needs, we have a Simple Laptop Table with two legs and 3 colors. It is quite similar to what you might have seen so far, but we have made sure to include a soft surface so your mouse will work properly and the laptop won’t fall regardless of the position in bed. 
We have the laptop table for the couch you need
If working in bed doesn’t suit you, maybe you want to move to the couch or sofa in your living room to quit the uncomfortable chair or just rest a bit from it. 
Just like the laptop tables for bed we offer, Urban Factorie has a variety for those who prefer to work on their couches. The designs we have fit any style you have at home, so you don’t need to worry about how off it will look, and comfort is guaranteed. 
Our Fordable Simple Computer Desk which is made of plastic is one of the best designs we have available thanks to how easy it is to adjust, clean, and you can always save it under your couch or in the corner of the room when you’re done using it. 
It won’t look off since the design is classic and comes in black, green, and blue, which means you can blend it well with the rest of the room where you desire to work in. 
On the other hand, we also have very similar tables to the one we last suggested for your bed. This one whatsoever has a cooling fan included, is made of bamboo, and has a unique style we’re loving as much as anyone who visits our store. Our variety of laptop tables for your couch will not disappoint and always meet your needs. 

What’s the best computer desk for you?
Everyone has a style in mind, and let’s not go to the preferences part. However, people also have to adjust themselves to the space they have and the one that meets their needs the most. Thus, we can say you should choose your computer desk based on:
How comfortable it is. 
The design and style the table offers.
If it fulfills your expectations. 
For small spaces, you will have fewer options that come with many features since the size needs to be reduced and you are looking for a computer desk that is practical in every possible way. 
But when you don’t have a limitation in size or space, you can get more creative. Our computer desks with hutch are a very good way to show you what you can get and might need. These ones give you not only space for your computer and other accessories but also for books and a large number of items. 
On the other hand, you can get computer desks with shelves if you’re looking for storage, which is also viable for small spaces where you might need to save a few things to work with them. 
For this, our corner L Shaped Desk with Shelves is an amazing option and we are completely sure that you will love it thanks to how neutral and clean the design is. But when looking for other styles, we have modern, elegant, and wooden computer desks with hutch that can meet your preferences, and other items in the category of corner desks with shelves.
Keep in mind that many of the computer desks are height-adjustable, so you shouldn’t have problems getting yourself comfortable when placing them in your room. 
Of course, we have very simple and minimalists writing tables that can fit in your space if you’re just looking for a very classic style. 

From corner desks to bedside tables. We have it all 
We encourage anyone who is looking for a computer desk, writing table, or laptop desk to acquire it with us. The main reason? Because our variety will cover all your needs and taste. 
People have different preferences and needs despite having the same room and space sometimes. Thus, we don’t expect you to choose the same desk as others or get the usual option because you don’t feel there’s anything special. 
In Urban Factorie, we want you to be comfortable before anything but that doesn’t mean we have forgotten about how stylish and gorgeous a computer desk or table should look. This is why we are confident you will find a classic laptop table for your bed or a modern desk for home offices. 
We have it all and the best part about it is that it doesn’t matter which product you end up acquiring, you can expect it to be durable, resistant, stunning, and very easy to clean. And let’s not forget about this: comfortable. 
Every single one of our products is made with the best wood, metal, and materials in general. Thus, don’t expect it to break, fall apart, or give you only a year of utility. If you acquire one of them, expect it to last for decades without any inconveniences. We are very proud of this fact because we aim for stunning designs and comfortable ones, but also for durable items that will give you the best out of your money. 
Our store has all the items and products available in different sizes and colors. If you want it black, white, green, or even blue, you will find surprises in this feature. Feel free to surf our options and find the best corner desk L shaped, with shelves, some with storage, and more. Buying with us only means you will get what you need, want, and can afford. All at once.