Dining Tables

You are missing the right dining table

There’s something very common among homeowners nowadays: they don’t believe dining tables are necessary or useful anymore and it is due to all the open concepts in new homes.
Because of them, most people feel more at peace and comfortable when they have breakfast, lunch, and even dinner in the countertops of the kitchen or the island right in the middle that works perfectly as a table. 
We believe they are quite beautiful and practical. However, dining tables and chairs are one of those elements in a property you cannot change or replace no matter what you do. 
If you have visitors, want to have a special dinner or meal with your family, friends, and loved ones, there’s no way you will fit all of them on the island nor it is fitting for the occasion. We can all agree that a dining table with chairs would look not only more appealing and aesthetical for the moment but also be more comfortable and pleasant for everyone involved in the meal. 
So, what do you think about investing some money in one? Maybe you already have one but hate it or maybe you’re in need of a new table due to remodeling purposes or for a new home you’re filling with everything you need. Whatever the reason is, don’t remove it from your ‘must-have’ list. 
In Urban Factorie, we have several options in dining tables that will fit your taste, preferences, and be the perfect center for every meal you have either with your family at home or more people later on. 
If you have hated every dining table and chairs you’ve had so far or you don’t feel like you use them a lot, to begin with, we are confident that you are just missing the right one. We know many people who didn’t feel like needing one and ended up regretting not having it sooner than later. 
Thus, just take your time looking at our designs and options available and you will find the best and most perfect table for your home. 

Do you need many chairs along with your table?
This is one of the questions you have to ask yourself whenever you’re planning on buying a new dining table. It will give you a good idea of the design and type you’re looking for but mostly need for the number of people that live in your home or will go frequently. 
Fortunately, if you are in need of a large dining table with chairs included, we have made sure to have several options available. We know how big families are nowadays but we are also aware of how much people like to meet, eat together, and have a wonderful time, and we want to be the ones that make all that possible and not only a dream. 
Our Postmodern Luxury Round Marble Dining Table is one of the options that will open the doors of all the dining tables with chairs we have in store. This one, in particular, comes with 6 chairs but thanks to the round design, you are able to add another one or two chairs without reducing too much the space between each member. 
Not only that, it is quite beautiful and modern. You will love the spiral design on the support of the table and the neat and clean white marble with golden features. 

We have the perfect one for your small space
We know that adding a dining table to a small space is not the best option. But what if we tell you it is possible and the best thing you can do if you just get the right one? 
We at Urban Factorie, believe that anything is possible with the right options, and this isn’t different when it comes to dining tables and small spaces. Many options in the market allow homeowners and people in general to have one that can fit in an area of the kitchen, living room, or any space available, and won’t be like an eyesore nor take most of the available room. 
Besides, we have personally made sure to offer options that go well with your idea of having a proper dining table but also save as much space as possible. For example, foldable and minimalistic designs are a good option for anyone looking for dining tables for small spaces. 
Foldable dining tables just meet the function you expect by their name. We highly recommend going for one if you live in an apartment alone, with just another person, and with very small space in the main areas of the property. Our main design and most popular one in this category come in different colors and with 4 chairs. Thus, rest assured you will get a table that not only meets its function but also looks amazing with the design. 
On the other hand, our minimalistic designs are something you will love if you have just a bit more space or want to sacrifice some in order to place them in your living room or near your kitchen. The Nordic Minimalist Dining Table is gorgeous, goes well with any style, and we have different sizes to make sure you don’t have problems fitting it in your home. 

What is the best dining table shape for small spaces?
This depends a lot on two aspects:
The distribution and size of the property and rooms. 
The number of people you need it for. 
When you’re buying a dining table, we already mentioned you have to pay attention to the number of chairs and therefore, people. This isn’t different when you’re looking for one to place it in a small space. 
Most small properties or small rooms, tend to have a long dimension but they are quite narrow. This is quite common in kitchens and leads people to place the dining table and chairs in the living room. 
If you are aiming for your living room, we suggest you go for a round table to save more space and make sure you can fit more people in it without having to compromise more square feet. But for spaces like a narrow kitchen or long rooms more than wide, make sure to get a square dining table. 
A square one will allow you to take advantage of the long distribution and fit everyone at the table without problems and will keep a pleasant design in your home. It will not feel small at all. 
We have many options available that come with either 2 or 4 chairs. Our Simple Modern Small Dining Table is a perfect example and inspiration for your design. This dining table with 4 chairs is also foldable and will work as a small shelf for the rest of the day. 
Of course, feel free to have a look at more and find new ideas; like maybe our dining tables with drawers, round wood, and marble top. 

You will love our dining tables with glass and marble top
Marble and glass are definitely what most homeowners want when it comes to dining tables, and we understand why: they look stunning. 
Round wood dining tables are beautiful as well, but we have to admit that if you’re aiming for a more sophisticated style, a neater one or elegant, glass and marble do the trick in any possible way. 
This is why we have included many options in our store that will fit your taste and go well with the rest of the furniture and appliances in your home. Every dining table comes in different colors and the glass or marble will look clean with the palettes with have chosen. 
Our Minimalist Modern Style 110cm Dining Table Set is a favorite. It looks simple for many but once you place it at home you will notice that it can give you the simple style you don’t mind at all, or be more than elegant just like the rest of your property. 
Do you prefer a marble top dining table? Besides our Postmodern Luxury table, we also have a Modern Contemporary design that comes with 4 chairs with cushion. People have loved this option because it works perfectly for a house or apartment but also an office. 
We still have more glass top dining table sets or with a marble top that is mixed with wood and metal available.  

What is the safest dining table for children? 
Furniture, appliances, décor, and even tables need to be chosen carefully when you have children living in the property or will have them going around it eventually. 
Choosing your dining table and chairs will take a bit more time when this is added to the equation. However, we want you to not only have what you want and need but also rest assured that your kids will not get hurt due to the table you choose. 
Therefore, we recommend round wood dining tables most of the time. Options with glass are very likely to break and marble can be very difficult to clean if someone writes on it or a certain substance stains it. After all, we don’t use our dining tables for eating only, especially when we have kids that usually sit there to finish their homework or do any other activity. 
Also, round dining tables will save you the time of adding the cushion to the corners of a square table and prevent certain accidents. However, you can always go for one as long as you take the right safety measures or depending on the age of the children. 

Why you should buy your dining table and chairs in our store
Because we have kept everything in mind: style, comfort, safety, price, and variety.
We are proud to say that our dining table sets are amazing in every feature and detail. They will certainly meet your expectations in terms of design thanks to the wide variety we have, which goes from minimalist to elegant and modern options. 
But we have to admit that how comfortable and affordable they are is what makes us feel satisfied with what we offer. What are we referring to? Our dining tables with chairs are perfect for kids and quite safe. Unless you’re going for a very specific design with luxurious features, we guarantee you that every edge won’t represent a hazard for them, but you will not sacrifice beauty for this. 
Finally, the prices cover a wide range. You can easily get a well-made and breathtaking set that you will definitely love for a few hundred dollars instead of thousands, which will save you money for other expenses if you have a very limited budget. 
But you can also go all off with this acquisition with many other designs in our Urban Factorie store. 
Just keep in mind that we want to be more than just another store where you look at the items and products but are unable to buy any of them. We thought about it and that doesn’t suit us at all, which is why we have made sure to guarantee everyone in need of a dining table can access it without spending all their savings. 
Thus, we can answer the question directly: you should buy with us because you will find quality and exactly what you need for the price you can actually pay and its real one.

How to acquire our dining tables and sets
You can only buy them through our website and online store. We have added all the items available in each color, material, and size. 
We have made it easy for our users and clients to buy in our store, so you won’t have to struggle for hours in order to acquire the table and chairs you need. 
If there’s one dining table or set you would like but is unavailable at the moment, make sure to contact us. As you can see, it is simple and fast to acquire our products since everything is just one click away from you.