Floor Lamps

Not everything is about hanging 

There are many elements and things you need to deal with when it comes to your home or business and its decoration. 
Anyone would think it is as simple as getting everything you like from the store and placing it wherever you think it would look good. We wish it was just that. 
Many aspects come with the task of choosing your décor but also all the essential features and appliances of your space. After all, we all want to focus on what we like and want but we can’t forget about what we need. 
Thus, just think about this: you need to focus on the elements you need first to make your home or business functional and leave the aesthetics as the second priority on your list. 
This is something we recommend a lot when you aren’t sure about what to do and what to get for your space, but if you have quite a clear idea of what you are aiming for, we suggest you find the perfect balance between aesthetics and functionality. In a few words, make sure you go 50/50 when it comes to which one is more important. 
A good example of this is when you are choosing your elements to bring light to your space. Yes, we are talking about lamps, light bulbs, and everything that gives you lighting. 
When you think about this, you usually consider the options that go hanging in your ceilings and walls. After all, they are crucial for any room. What if we tell you there’s more than just these options? That you can choose something a bit out of the ordinary. 
Options like floor lamps for your living room, adjustable ones, or lights with remote control can be the missing element for your room and needs. 
In Urban Factorie, we have all the floor lamps that can be the perfect complement to give more light to your space or even be the main element that provides it. Make sure to have a look at what we have in store! Starting with our floor lamps with multiple heads and floor lamps for bedrooms. 

Why would you choose a floor lamp? 
There’s lots of beauty when it comes to lamps and how they look on the ceilings. Also, when you place one in a wall that is in your entrance or maybe as your bedside lamp. 
We are very aware of this, but would you be open to acquiring a floor lamp after what we have to tell you? 
Floor lamps of any type or design are an amazing addition to your home or space thanks to their unique design. You can either get a very classic one with its base and small light bulb, or you can go for a more extravagant and unique one that consists of multiple, heads, has shelves included, and more features you haven’t seen before. 
You will not regret adding one since they are not only beautiful and pleasant to the sight, they will also give you the best lighting for your space. There won’t be a need to acquire several lamps or light bulbs for a single space since a floor lamp alone will do the trick for you. 
But what floor lamp should you choose? 
In our store, we have a wide range of designs and options that we are confident will meet your needs, preferences, and go amazing with the style you already have in your home or office. 
You can start by having a look at our Industrial Loft Iron LED Lamp that goes amazing with a modern design and if you have space with an open concept, you need it right away! It works well as a floor lamp for your bedroom or living room. 
It’s made of metal, iron to be more specific. You can get it in two presentations: 1 or 3 lights and the type of bulb used are either white or warm ones. 
If you prefer something that takes you back instead of forward, we have our Modern Luxury LED Resin Retro Floor Lamp. It looks very classy and we are sure you’ll love it without a doubt. It can be placed in a corner of your bedroom, office, or use as a floor lamp for reading. 

They are more than a source of light
Let’s be honest, when you think about a lamp, you don’t consider the possibility it may work for something else. 
However, in our store, we have made sure to offer more than just another way to get the light you need in your room. Thus, you will find a large variety of floor lamps that can meet other needs and even offer you a 2x1 element in your home. 
Our floor lamps with shelves are our favorites when it comes to suggesting a design that is more functional but maintains a pleasant look to your space. 
The LED Shelf Floor Lamp is a stunning and gorgeous item available in Urban Factorie that is made of bamboo and wood, comes in three different colors and you can have a different pattern for the top of the lamp. 
You can either obtain a modern, classic, or oriental style depending on the final option you decide to go for. 
We still have many other items available with the same features in terms of being floor lamps with shelves and the number of them varies depending on the specific lamp. We are confident you will find one that meets your needs for light but also give you more space to place your belongings or use to put your décor on. 

They will be the perfect décor for your living room 
The main area where homeowners place lamps, wall art, and any type of décor, and more functional items in the living room. Usually, it is the biggest room on the property and where you spend quite some time either alone, with your family, or visits. 
As a result, you’re always looking forward to having all the essential elements and make sure it impresses everyone, starting with you. 
Here’s a recommendation for you: use floor lamps for living rooms to enhance the beauty of your space and make sure you have enough lighting for any of your activities. 
If you are looking for a comfortable lamp that gives you an elegant design, our European Style Adjustable Floor Lamp is perfect for your living room and one of our personal favorites. 
This lamp comes in black and white, and the type of light bulb used is a LED one, which will allow you to save energy while enhancing your room. 
For a more creative lamp, we have the Stainless-Steel Floor Lamp Living Room. It is perfect for homes with open spaces and thus, your living room will look like heaven when adding it to your décor and elements. 
The best part? You won’t have to worry about taking several hours to clean it since its neat and smooth finish requires a wet piece of cloth to remove all the dirt and dust, and this will take 1 minute at most. 
We are very happy to be able to offer you this lamp in particular because it comes with many other features. Besides being made of incredible material, it’s a floor lamp with a remote control that allows you to stay on your couch or turn it off or on without having to interrupt your activities and duties. 
If looking for a completely different option that is more about aesthetics, our Modern Glass Ball LED Floor Lamp is iconic in our store. It is impossible to regret acquiring it. 
It is a carefully designed lamp with 9 light bulbs in total that give you more than enough night and gives a more eccentric result when it comes to style. 
You will love it! We are 100% sure of it. 

Floor lamps with remote control are a trend
We just mentioned a very innovative option, which is our stainless-steel floor lamp with remote control and since then—if you never heard of it—, we know you are quite interested in knowing more about it. 
One of the things we all hate about having lights is having to turn them on or off. 
It may sound like we are extremely lazy but it is usually the opposite and the fact that we are busy is what makes turning the lights on or off an extra task we don’t want to deal with. Sometimes, we even can’t handle it. 
Keeping that in mind, can you imagine a way to do it without actually having to stand up, leave whatever you are doing, and get the lights on or off? We do!
Here’s the moment when our floor lamps with remote control enter the scene. This specific model has been around for a while, but it is very hard to find and most of the time, when you are able to find it, none of the designs is of the best quality, which results in them working for a few weeks or months at most. 
In Urban Factorie, we have worked hard in bringing several designs among our items so you can have a more comfortable life thanks to these lamps, and don’t worry, we made sure to offer only high-quality ones. 
Besides being a bit more technological or innovative, they aren’t different from other floor lamps for your home or office. Thus, you can find a wide range of styles that go from modern to vintage or contemporary. 
When you browse our collection, you will notice that all of them come with LED lights that will help you to save electricity, ensure they last longer, and you have a brighter and neater result when installed. 
Now, where should you start? We recommend our LED Floor Lamp with Remote Control that is very similar to the one most photographers use. You can use the remote control to turn it on and off and graduate the brightness of the light. 
We also have industrial, Nordic, modern, and retro designs available we are certain you will get amazed with. 
Most of them come with different features, like being adjustable or with warm and white light. 
In Urban Factorie, we are doing our best to include many others that are not only remote but also classify as floor lamps with shelves so you can have everything in one. 
Just think about it! You can have a floor lamp with lights with remote control, with a beautiful finish and design, and all this without spending a fortune on electricity thanks to the LED lights included in most of them. 

How to choose the perfect floor lamp for your room 
Everything ends up being about your preferences, needs, and the style you already have at home. 
However, when it comes to the last one, we are part of the group of people who consider you can have anything you want as long as you like it and feel comfortable with it. Thus, don’t let something like palettes, patterns, or a defined style, be everything when you are choosing one. 
With that said, you can start from there. After all, everyone has at least a small idea of the style they’re looking for. 
For now, we can suggest you look at many options as you can from our store where we are sure you will find inspiration, ideas, and the perfect floor lamp for your bedroom, to use when reading, or to add to your living room collection. 
When you aren’t sure about any single detail you want, we can recommend starting with floor lamps with shades since they are very unique and you can get a wide variety of results regardless of the style you are going for.
Keep all this in mind and you will get the right floor lamp for you in our store. 
In Urban Factorie, all our products are of the best quality in the market, so worry about the aesthetical and functional part since we have already thought about the durability and resistance.