Having dinner is much more than just-food

Your home needs to have every element and décor that complements the style and aesthetic design you are aiming for. Thus, you always pay attention to the furniture, colors, painting, wall décor, and everything that owns a small or big place in it.
However, you need to start thinking about small items that are quite necessary and essential in your routine. You might think it is boring to search and buy products you need more than wanting them, but did you know that every part of buying accessories and items for your home is actually fun? You just need to take a bit of time with it.
If you don’t feel like we are right on this, just think about your kitchen and every element in it. Your glasses, knives, cups, and even plates! You might go to the store to acquire them just because you need to cook and eat, but you will notice how fun it is after looking at how fantastic one of these can be.
So far, you might agree with us about the cups and glasses, but the truth is that not many people pay attention to their plates when it is time to get the utensils in this area. Therefore, they tend to go for the common and classic white ones that can go well with everything.
In Urban Factorie, we know the beauty behind plates and how much they can improve your table every time you set it for lunch or when most families and people tend to eat together, at dinner.
If you are wondering how many options you can have in terms of plates, well, you would be surprised.
From ceramic plate sets to serving white plates, we have a wide variety of options that will leave you astonished, amazed, and you will not only have a good dinner due to the quality of the food but also one that is pleasant to the eye by just starting with the plate.

You can have your dish but also use them as décor
This will sound unconventional, but did you know that plates are meant to be decorative as well? Of course, you don’t usually get one you use for eating to be part of your wall décor, but you can definitely find several designs and options that can offer you what paintings and some pieces of wall art, can’t.
In our store, we have many decorative plates for walls that will look stunning regardless of the design and style in your home or room.
You can just place them in your living room in order to add a delicate and elegant vibe to it and let your people and yourself appreciate the beauty of the design on the plate.
But how do you know this is the type of décor you are looking for?
It is easy to determine it by having a look at all our decorative plates to display and sets available. If you didn’t like them before or had no idea how they would look, we assure you will not leave our website without acquiring at least one.
Our Creative Carton Cat Plate is our favorite for decorative purposes and if you are a cat lover, you will love it as much as we do. It comes in 6 different designs and colors. The yellow cat is our personal favorite!
The 8inch Stars Bone Plate set with 4 plates is stunning for those that are aiming for a similar design to a painting but in a plate.
This decorative plate set will be your obsession for the next few years—and having it on every special occasion sounds just like what we would do as well!

Are our decorative plates heavy?
That depends on the design and type of material it was made of.
For our decorative plates to display, we try our best to keep them light and make sure you don’t have problems moving them from a place to another. Thus, expect them to weigh up to 350gr only.
Since they are made of ceramic and we have used the best in stock, you will notice a similar weight to regular plates you use for dishes. However, some of our designs and decorative plates for your walls tend to be a bit lighter than others to help you prevent accidents when hanging them.
We know you are a bit worried about not only the weight but also size, but rest assured that most of our plates are 8 inches and do not exceed this size but you can rather find them in smaller versions.
You can have your decorative plate set without worrying about any of these. So, it is time to get the one you were eager to acquire all this time!

Do we have large decorative plates and serving trays available?
However, you can expect them to be a bit heavier and, of course, larger compared to the previous ones.
After all, most of them are similar to trays—besides the actual ones we have available—, or just imagine a round plate as the usual ones you use for eating but larger than 8 inches.
Our designs start with the Phnom Penh Geometry Tableware, which can be used as part of your utensils during dinner or you can always place it on a table in your room where it will look gorgeous thanks to the innovative design.
You can obtain it mainly in the 10 inches option that looks incredible in living rooms where you have enough space to put a side table with the plate as the main décor.
The Decorative Gold Pineapple or Leaf Ceramic Plate is also a great option to add color to your room, obtain an eccentric style, and goes amazing with walls in white or light colors. For large decorative plates, this is definitely our favorite despite not being the larger one in store.
We have worked hard to offer you a large variety of items for you to choose not only one that looks well with your home but also ensure you are able to acquire it. We know you expect them to be expensive since they are made of ceramic and the designs are special, but our items in this category, in particular, are budget-friendly.
For our decorative serving trays, we don’t have as many as regular plates. However, we still offer good options that will enhance the beauty of your space, and we are working to include many more in the following weeks.

Decorative? Check. Let’s move onto functional
Did you fall in love with our decorative plates for walls and to display? That’s what we thought!
Now, we can’t forget about the fact that plates are mainly needed for other reasons besides decoration: serving and dishes.
So far, we have focused a lot on our decorative options to the point where you might have forgotten you need a new set for your meals with your family or for special occasions whenever you invite your friends or the rest of your family for lunch or dinner.
Fortunately, we prioritize serving plates as much as decorative ones, which is why you will notice the quality of each one of our products.
We know you might be aiming for just comfortable plates that allow you to serve enough food on them or go well with the setup of your dining room. Yes, we are aware that isn’t that easy to choose the plates since it isn’t only about using them for eating but also making sure your table, colors, and décor go well with them, or the plates go well with the rest.
In Urban Factorie, our wide range of plates, sets of tableware, and white serving plates will allow you to get the ones that fit perfectly with the size of your dining table, blend with your forks and other utensils, and add the final touch to your décor.
If you are looking for a classic design but with a special feature, our European Style Gold Ceramic Plate is a must-have in your home.
It may look white with gold the first time you look at it, but it’s actually a soft pink with gold borders that adds a different touch to the all-white design you probably have at home. The best part? We can offer you a whole set starting with 2 up to 6 pieces.
It’s the perfect ceramic dishes set for your home if you have a modern, classic, or light concept taking over most of the rooms and of course, your dining room.
For a completely different color and style, our Black Melamine Round Dinner Plate will do the trick and we assure you will love it every time you place it on your table or wherever you decide to enjoy your dish.

We still have much more to offer
People don’t usually notice how many utensils they use until it is time to acquire one—or until they decide to have a look at our items available and fall in love with all of them.
A plate seems like enough when you think about having your dishes, but you are still missing serving plates and an entire set of tableware to not worry about where you are going to have your soup and many other dishes.
We at Urban Factorie, have several sets of tableware available that will fit your preferences and taste. How are we so sure of this? Because we have put a lot of attention to the details and offer a large variety of designs so you can find the perfect one for you.
We can start by suggesting to you our Best Gold Marble Glazes Ceramic Tableware Set, which is a mix of black and white plates and bowls. You will have the plates for each member of your family, get the serving plates to have the meal ready, and get the required bowls for when they are required.
You can’t go wrong with this design in particular if you have a space that focuses on white and black or has a very modern vibe that is quite popular in most properties nowadays.
What if you are aiming for a vintage design? Our Stainless-Steel Tableware Plate will give you the result you are looking for as well as our Classy Plate Dish Set that goes amazing with rustic and elegant styles.

Which set of tableware should you get?
That will depend on a few aspects: the color you want, the aesthetics you are looking for in your set, the design in your living room, and your budget.
In Urban Factorie, you will be able to find the perfect set of tableware, serving plate or any other item in this category for you, regardless of all the previous aspects. Why? Because thanks to our wide range of options, you can rest assured you will find the right design and color and as for the prices, you can expect them to fit your budget.
We want you to have what you need and want without having to limit yourself to certain prices. Thus, make sure to browse all our options and you will find the one that meets your preferences and can be afforded by your pockets.

Each piece will be your favorite part of your dishes
How would we describe our products? Only 2 words: gorgeous and top-notch.
In our store, we value aesthetics as much as quality and durability. Therefore, don’t expect our products to be lacking in any of these aspects or any other that comes to your mind.
After all, we aimed to offer clean designs and innovative styles for our plates and sets of tableware that will look stunning for not only a few years but decades instead.
Take your time looking at the sizes, designs, decorative options, and the materials they are made of, which go from ceramic to melamine.
When it comes to colors, they are either fixed for the specific set, which is usually based on white and black palettes with a mix of other colors, or you can find our pink, red, green, and yellow ones that can impress you due to the quality of the painting.