Sculptures & Statues

Enhance the beauty of your home 
It doesn’t matter what others say. At the end of the day, every small detail as well as huge ones that are quite noticeable, have incredible relevance to how your forever home looks. Thus, you should go for all the furniture, décor, and appliances that make it look exactly as you want it and meet all your expectations in terms of design and style. 
But, where can you start with this? Well, when you already have the furniture, some appliances, and most of the big items ready, you just need to step out from the big elements for a second and start considering the smallest details we mentioned before. Which one are these? Pretty much your décor that will enhance the beauty of your rooms all day long. 
A good way to achieve the goal of bringing more style to your room is by including certain items such as statues and sculptures. They are gorgeous, and we guarantee you that when you choose the one that not only goes well with your design but also your preferences, it will be your favorite item in the whole room. 
At Urban Factorie, we have a wide variety of statues, ornaments, and sculptures we are certain you’ll love, especially since we have several options in the designs and shapes you can find. 
From a black panther to a garden gnome statue; there’s nothing you won’t want after having a look at all the options available. We assure you that every piece offered for us is of the best quality, high-class finishes, and will enhance any room in your home or property. 

We have the buddha statues you need
We know some people have a very clear idea of what they want when it comes to ornaments and a certain type of décor. Therefore, we made sure to include one of the most popular ones in not only our store but also among many homeowners: Buddha statues. 
Those are our personal favorites as well since you can either get one—or more—according to the religion you follow, or just to decorate your home and belongings with a stunning statue and sculpture that will look amazing with the rest of the ornaments of the same color or similar ones. 
You will find several options that go from wooden Buddha statues to stone Buddha statues that can be placed in different areas of your property. 
Our wooden Buddha sculptures come in different sizes and designs. You can have a very traditional image of the Buddha or a unique one that goes better with your style and the design you’re looking for. 
We know quality is the most important part of every item. Thus, expect the statues and sculptures to exceed your expectations in how they look, feel, and last over the years. 

Where can you place your Buddha statue?
Most people aim for indoor ornaments when it comes to Buddha designs and shapes. However, we know this happens because they are uncertain about their durability and resistance. 
It is not a secret that most ornaments of this style are quite delicate and easy to break. Also, they don’t work well with rain or weather changes regardless of the season and part of the world where you live. 
For this, we wanted to make things even more special and unique. As mentioned before, we care about quality and how they look but, does it matter how they look if they are unable to last for long? We don’t think so, which is why we have several options and a wide variety of outdoor Buddha statues that can be placed in your garden and areas around your home and property. 
One of our best-sellers is actually an outdoor Buddha statue that can be placed as décor on the floor, along with some plants, or wherever you decide will look better and bring the spiritual feeling to your home and property. And don’t worry, all of them come in different colors and sizes as well, which gives you several options to choose from without having to stick to one or two only. 
With that said, you can place your Buddha statues in any part of your property, either indoors or outdoors. The Hue Sandstone Meditation Buddha Statue is one we recommend to place outdoors, mostly because of the stone material it is made of. However, the Buddha Statue—part of our most requested ornaments—will also stand the outdoor exposure. 

Are you a dog lover? You will love these French bulldog ornaments
Here’s the thing: we also love dogs and want them to be part of our home all the time and in any possible way. 
We know you and many other people feel just like us, which is why you always look for ornaments and décor that can either look like one or bring the appearance of a dog to life. 
Our French bulldog ornaments are something we are really proud of, and it is because of the unique, modern, and elegant design they have. If we had to choose one that can represent us, that would definitely be any of these. 
Now, how can you choose which one you want when you love all of them? This happens quite often to any dog lover or someone who is fascinated with their look and our answer to it is simple: get the one that goes better with your design—or maybe get all of them!
Our statues and ornaments come in 4 different colors, which means you can get pink, black, white, or blue French bulldog in small or big size. 
How do we know you will love it? Because the style we decided to use for these items, in particular, resembles crystal in many ways. They will look like they are shining, will bring an imponent vibe, and everyone will love the personality it gives to your home every time you get there. 
And more importantly, you will have your dog ornament keeping you company all the time! If you are a French bulldog owner, this one will have even more meaning for you. 

Is there any other option for your garden?
Following our outdoor Buddha statues available, we also have more for your outdoor spaces like your garden. 
We understand the relevance of not only having a beautiful indoor design but also an outdoor one that will make you feel at home even before opening the main door. Also, who doesn’t want gorgeous and stunning ornaments that will complement the rest of the design? 
Since we thought about this, we can offer you options very similar to our Buddha statues but, in this case, you can consider our garden gnome statues. 
They are cute and unique sculptures we have made sure to craft with the utmost care and detail. They are not big and won’t fill an entire space or area of your garden, but they’re definitely the complement and décor you need for it. 
Our Miniature Garden Gnome Statues/Sculptures can be placed in a small section of your garden or outdoor area as well as inside plants and other items that build the whole look of your outdoors. They are made of resin and the average size goes from 5.5x3cm to 7.5x5.5cm. 
If you love your garden and gnomes as much as we do, you’ll need these statues right away!

Wall art never gets old
Do you know what is best about wall décor and art? That it can brighten any space and room with little effort. You don’t need a whole painting taking over your wall nor many ornaments that make people barely appreciate each one that is located in the room. You can get a lot for just a little. 
In Urban Factorie, we are aware of how valuable wall art is and we’re always giving our best to offer you a wide range of options as a result. Why? Because we want you to have what you came to our store for, and that’s nothing less but the ornament and art you want to see every day at home or when going to your office. 
If what we said fits what you’re aiming for, we’re excited to let you know that our Climbing Man Wall Art will be of your liking. These resin sculptures take after an industrial style that goes amazing with either a rustic, classic or modern design. Each piece is carefully crafted and made with the best resin, follows a European feature and the ornament only needs to be hanged on your wall to start enjoying its beauty. 
We made every climbing man like wall art. However, it can be placed on a table, bookrack, or any surface. We will just take the time to point out that all its beauty can be more enjoyable when hanging on your wall—whatsoever. 
Each piece comes in different colors that can adapt to the one on your walls and the entire room. Keep in mind that putting all the climbing man wall art together—all pieces—will complete a set and entire design that will save you time and money in looking for new décor for your walls. 

How to hang your wall art
Usually, it is as simple as using a screw and placing it on your wall. That should get things done with most of the wall art you acquire for your home or office. 
In the case of our wall art, you will have the same solution. Since we know you don’t want a big screw or material to show where you place your art or have it standing out more than the art itself, we are happy to let you know that a small screw can easily help you to hang your climbing man wall art or any other item you get in our store. Paintings, sculptures, and more. 
If the wall art you are acquiring is somehow heavy, we usually recommend to locate a stud in your drywall and place your screw in that area. But what if you don’t want to hang it with screws? What if your wall art doesn’t have hooks? 
For these situations, you have to consider the size and surface of the item. For art such as our climbing man sculptures, we suggest following the previous option of a small screw. However, if you’re dealing with décor with more surface and lines to add adhesive strips, you can definitely go for this option. 
You just need to place a high-quality adhesive strip on your wall—in the sections where you will place your wall art—and press the item to make sure they are fixed correctly. 

We have the most stunning decoration for your home and office
French bulldog statues, climbing man wall art, garden gnome statues, and Buddha statues. We think we have mentioned a lot so far but still, we are missing a few ones. 
Our store, Urban Factorie, still has many other decorations to offer that you can place in your home, office, or room. We are quite confident about being able to offer you exactly what you need but mostly want in this case. 
Thus, if you already acquired any of our previous items, you’re looking for more, or maybe nothing fits your taste so far, here’s what we can offer: gorgeous and unique vintage, animal, and abstract decoration. 
Many have been loving our Black Panther Sculpture which takes a very modern and abstract style along with another one of our items, the Deer Resin Sculptures. They resemble a similar design to our French bulldog statues. 
For other options, we still have a set of African Women Statue, Figurine Cat Decorative, and Abstract Character Decoration. Finally, you will find a European Greek Character Sculpture and a Vintage Thinker one you’ll want right away if you consider yourself a fan of the renaissance period or just enjoy this art.
With us, you’ll never be disappointed and we have made sure to collect everything in our online store so you can acquire any of our items while being at home or browsing during your free time at work.