You don’t always need a chair

Whenever someone thinks about having a sit, they usually consider a lounge chair or sofa to be quite comfortable. However, when you go to a bar or a certain restaurant, have you ever sat on one of those stools that look uncomfortable when you first look at them but—most of the time—end up being quite cozy and you can spend hours there?
If you haven’t, we encourage you to give them a try and you will want them in an area of your home or office right away. 
The truth is that you don’t always need the usual chair to spend some time talking with friends or having a meeting with your partners and clients. A well-made and gorgeous stool can do the trick in every possible way as long as you blend it properly with the right design and style in the rest of your room or property. 
In Urban Factorie, we have a large variety of bar stools that will look perfect in your bar as expected, or in any high table or area, you decide to place them. We are quite confident about having the ones you need since we have put a lot of effort into offering as many options as possible, and this includes a wide range of styles to cover every preference and need. 
From a simple and usual bar stool with a low back to black swivel bar stools, we have it all right here. You just need to have a look at our store where you will find every product available and just a click away from you. 

How do you know you need a stool and where to place it?
Most people consider stools to be perfect for certain areas and places. This is why you will discover that most options are called ‘bar stools’ instead of stools alone. 
However, you can do much more with bar and swivel stools than just placing them in the usual bar or restaurant where you are used to seeing them. You just need to consider the space in your home, the appliances and décor you have, and we’re sure you will find a place for one or more stools. 
In our experience, we believe a stool is always needed but people don’t know where to place them if there’s no island in the kitchen or if they don’t own the previous two places we mentioned. 
Thus, we consider that the right question is: where can you place them? 
If you have a bar at home where you enjoy drinking with your family and friends, you know you can use several ones and they will look stunning. You just need to find the right design. If this is the reason, you’re looking for it our bar stools with back and the swivel bar stools of metal in our store will fit perfectly. 
On the other hand, wood bar stools go amazing with countertops and islands in your kitchen. They will add more space to the area since you don’t have to use traditional chairs, and everyone will get the chance to spend time together in this room of your home. 
We have a very popular swivel bar stool that always sells before any other. It goes well with rustic, minimalistic, and elegant designs despite its features. You can get it as a bar stool with a backrest or without it. 
Now, we can give you more ideas like using them as a bedside table or an accent table in the living room. Of course, it depends on the specific one you acquire, but you can use them for more than sitting and what you’re used to seeing. 
You can just place them in any part and corner of your home and office, and give them the use you want and need. 

“They are uncomfortable.” That’s only when you get the wrong one
We will never get tired of mentioning that they look uncomfortable the first time you look at them until you actually try one. We won’t say there’s not a single bar stool that isn’t cozy and comfortable at all, but that’s not the case for ours at least. 
We have made sure to have a large variety of bar stools that offer the comfort each person is looking for and we have included that in the design and style you might need in order to complete your design and project. 
This is why you will find bar stools with low backs or modern swivel bar stools, among many other items and products in Urban Factorie. 
We are aware that a bar stool without a backrest can get you tired and isn’t usually the best option to spend a lot of time. However, they look amazing in certain spaces where their beauty and functionality can be maximized. 
We have thought about everything, which is why you just need to take the time to go through our catalog and choose your bar stools while thinking in:
The design of your home, business, or office. 
The use you will give them. 
Do you want a swivel bar stool or not?
The color of the stools. 
Our favorites are the black swivel bar stools that go well with any interior design, and they come in several materials and with some features. You have a wooden or metal one, and you can also choose if it is going to be a swivel one or not. 
The Nordic Light Luxury Bar Stool available is in 4 different designs that cover your needs and preferences, and you have over 5 colors to choose from. 
Regardless of the final stool you decide to acquire from Urban Factorie, we can guarantee it will be comfortable, made with high-quality materials, and it won’t disappoint in beauty and durability. 

Can you place stools outdoors?
If the materials resist the test of rain and sun, why not?
When we said you can place them anywhere, we were serious about it. Besides, stools are quite popular in outdoor spaces nowadays and the people who came up with the idea first deserve a prize. 
If you are having an idea, inspiration, or design that involves having some stools placed in your garden or outdoor spaces, we can help you with this. 
One of our Simple Bar Stool is made of metal and with a cushion added in the seat, can stand any weather regardless of your location. It won’t peel, break, nor give you problems right after the first rain. 
We suggest you go for a swivel bar stool of metal when the purpose is to place it outdoors. In this way, you won’t have to deal with all the problems that come from an excess of water in the wood but rather expect the stools to last for years and quite clean themselves with the rain. Rattan is also an amazing option. 
We are working on adding the last material to the bar stools we have available in order to provide you more options. Thus, look forward to them! Meanwhile, we are certain that our metal bar stools will offer and give you everything you need and want. 

What’s better? A swivel or fixed bar stool?
Essentially, there is not a big difference but just the opportunity to turn around with one more comfortably than the other. So, you need to ask yourself if you will use it and place it in a space where turning around will be required a lot. 
Now, in terms of designs and options, they do have differences in how they are built. Most swivel bar stools come with backs, either low or high ones. Meanwhile, fixed bar stools are more the usual stool you can find without a back or with a very low one. 
If you have very limited space in the table, countertop, bar, or area where you are going to place them, we suggest you go for regular bar stools with back. But if you have enough space to leave several centimeters between each stool, a swivel one could be the most fitting. 
In the end, everything is also about preferences and style. When you’re not sure about which one is the best or you want, we suggest you get the one you like the most and blend perfectly with the space and design you have or are trying to obtain. 
In Urban Factorie, we have a large variety of swivel bar stools with wood, metal, and the colors are almost unlimited. Our fixed bar stools do not fall behind in this since you can spend quite some time looking at the options. 
We have made sure to cover every single detail so you can have more than just small differences in each item. What do we mean by this? The color, style, materials, finishes, edges, and every detail in the bar stools will be different from one another. 
In this way, you will find similar designs among our products but also have the chance to find something innovative and inspiring that you didn’t know you needed and wanted, or maybe you couldn’t find in other stores. 

How to assemble swivel bar stool
This is why many people run from the swivel options: because they don’t know how to assemble them. 
Having to put every piece together to have your stool ready to use isn’t always necessary. In our case, we have made sure to save you this problem and deliver them completely assembled and only for placement. However, some designs and options require time from you. 
Most of the time, we make sure to divide the swivel stool into two- or three-pieces max; the base, seat, and footstool. When in this position or if you acquire one of our swivel bar stools that requires to be assembled, you will also have instructions attached. 
The process isn’t difficult whatsoever. You need to take all two or three pieces out, use the screws that come with the item to join the pieces, and it will be ready to use. 
We suggest you start with the base and footstool. Some marks will show where you need to place the footstool and just put the screws in the holes. For the seat, the process is quite similar. 
You only need to ensure that every screw is placed correctly and use plenty of force to adjust them. When you’re done with the whole assembling, try it out without sitting on it and check if the stool swivels properly and if it does, start sitting on it!
This process applies for our swivel bar stools of metal most of the time and the modern swivel bar stools available.

We have high-class stools for your home, business, and office
Why would you buy your bar stools in our store? 
Because every single one of them is made of durable and high-quality wood, iron, or aluminum. The paint we use for some of our designs will last several years, and you don’t have to worry about them being comfortable or not. 
We have thought about everything that makes one of these items suitable in terms of functionality and beauty. Therefore, you will only find durable and stunning products in our store. 
Besides, Urban Factorie has made sure to offer you all the models, every color, and style available in the online store. You don’t have to visit a store that is miles away to acquire what you need. 
Just surf our catalog where you can find a bar stool with a back for your countertop in the kitchen, black swivel bar stools for your bar, or a modern design that is just perfect to complement and finish the style you have at home.  
Keep in mind that all of them come in different sizes, which means you don’t have to quit to the idea of having the design you liked the most just because it is too high or short for your needs. From 45cm to 85cm, we have the right one for you. Also, we can make a few exceptions and have some of the designs customized depending on the measurements you need. 
We are here to provide you with the most beautiful, unique, comfortable, and fitting bar stools worldwide.