Table Lamps

Lightning is the key to your décor 

If you are designing a new room, property, or maybe changing a few features and appliances to make sure it looks neat and stunning, you might need to start by considering your lightning. 
Many homeowners and people overall believe that enhancing their spaces depends a lot on the furniture, wall décor, paintings, and what people get to see hanging or placed on the floor. 
Well, if we follow this idea, it would be natural to think that the lighting in the space should be the first thing to consider. However, people are far from taking the time to think about it to be the problem that is bringing down the style in their homes and rooms. 
Therefore, what do we suggest you do if you are going through a design, renovation, or remodeling project? Definitely start by thinking about the lighting and how much it is influencing the final result you want to obtain. You never know, it may be the only element you need to change.
You can start by looking at the main lights in your room. Ask yourself if that is the light you want for it or if it fits the style you are aiming for. Also, does it help you to save energy? How bright is it? 
Then, you can start moving onto the sources of light that are more part of your décor instead of being the main lightning in the room. Take your table lamp for reading as an example and you can start from there. 
Your décor and obtaining the final design you want does not have to be about a very artistic feature or item in your room. Instead, you can enhance it by choosing the perfect table lamp for your living room, one for reading, or a night light table lamp for your office.
In Urban Factorie, we encourage you to pay more attention to this—usually—small item in your rooms but with such an impact and influence on your décor. We have a wide range of designs that will not only fit your taste and allow you to obtain a stunning result, they will also be the perfect source of light for your space. 

What is the best table lamp for your living room?
One that makes you feel comfortable and at home every time you turn it on. 
Many think that the most important aspect to keep in mind when choosing a table lamp for their living rooms is the design and aesthetical result it offers but here in Urban Factorie, we strongly believe it is a mix of two things: aesthetics and lightning. 
You can’t just have a lamp that does not offer enough lighting for such a big room in your home even when it may look gorgeous and make you fall in love with it. 
This is why we have prepared the best table lamps you can find for your living room. They will offer you the specific style you are looking for and we are very confident about their brightness to light up the whole space or a section of it if you are aiming to highlight the area where your table is placed. 
Our Creative Retro Minimalist Table Lamp is the perfect retro table lamp if you are aiming for this vibe. It comes in 6 different shapes and designs to make sure it fits your taste and can bring tranquility to your living room. 
But if you are more interested in a modern design, we have our Adjustable Flexible Lamp that can be placed in the living room or your bed table. 
We have put a lot of effort into making sure that every design can be placed on the table in the middle of the room or the one located in a corner. It is completely up to you and we assure you it will look stunning no matter at which table you decide to place it. 

Choosing a table lamp does not have to be boring
When people used to go to the store or browse for a table lamp, they did not expect it to look beautiful or be something they will get to love more than anything else in the room. However, this has changed over the years since people started to think more or the same about how it looks and how good it is when it comes to functionality. 
Thus, you do not have to expect your process of choosing your lamp to be boring or just look for one that will meet its function. Instead, look at it on the bright side and feel free to get creative with what you want and which lamp you choose. 
In our store, we give you a lot of freedom to choose. Proof of that is the vintage lamps with glass shade and our jellyfish lava lamps available. They are beautiful and also provide you with enough light. 
We even have a vintage LED bulb that can be placed anywhere as a lamp. It has a night light that can go amazing as your reading companion if you place it at your bedside or on the table next to your favorite sofa to read. 
We have a large variety of options when it comes to aesthetics and if you are aiming for a different table lamp that will catch everyone’s attention, you can definitely aim for ours. 
Our favorite product for anyone who prioritizes looks and style as much as we do is our Bedside Night Light Aquarium, it gives a multi-color glow to your room and you will get a very similar vibe as if you were using neon lights. The best? It is made with LED lights only, so expect it to save a lot of energy and obtain a clean brightness from it. 
Do you want a bolder design? In Urban Factorie, we have 3D illusion lamps on sale that will leave you breathless every time you look at them and let’s not talk about how much your visitors and friends will love it. 
The Love Knot 3D Illusion Lamp is a favorite for most of our clients and they just can’t get enough of it even after looking at it all day long. 

How do 3D illusion lamps work?
The key is in the lights used for it and how they can make the panel look like a 3D light bulb. 
To make sure we achieve this result, we have included at least 10 LEDs to obtain not only the illusion but also guarantee its brightness. But is the 3D illusion lamp actually made of the shape you see? As we said, it is an illusion and that is what makes it even more awesome. 
When acquiring any of our 3D lamps, you will obtain an item that looks like a 3D light bulb and creates the optical illusion of the specific shape on the panel, but the truth is that it is flat and there is no a very detailed design behind the bulb. 
However, you will not notice the difference at all! This is what makes them so beautiful, energy-efficient, and perfect for any space and room. After all, you can obtain any shape or design without having to resource to building a customized lamp for it, which is quite expensive and not always possible. 
In Urban Factorie, any of our abstract 3D illusion lamps will give you the effect you are looking for and you can have any of them in 7 different colors thanks to the color-changing option for all of them. 
You do not have to acquire a red one then a blue or green, instead, you will have all 7 colors in the same lamp and you can easily change from one to another with the touch bottom on the base or you can just activate the automatic color changing mode. 
Don’t know where to start or which one to choose? We highly recommend you our Lotus 3D Illusion Lamp and the DNA 3D Illusion Lamp available. The elaborated shapes make them much more stunning and will leave everyone speechless, starting with yourself. 

What is the best table lamp for you?
That will always depend on your style and preferences but also on what type of lighting you are looking for. 
In our store, most of our table lamps for the living room, bedside lamps for reading, and other items come with LED lights that will help you to save energy, avoid the heat, and enjoy more light without having to get more than one or two for the room where you want to place it. 
Thus, there is no need to worry about the functionality and use of your table lamp and instead, think about the design and shape you need but mostly want. 
We have introduced you to our 3D illusion lamps so far but also to our retro lamp tables and table lamp night light options. If you are interested in any of these, we are confident about you finding the perfect lamp for your living room, office, or bedroom. 
Now, how do you know the 3D or retro lamps table good choices for you? 
The 3D lamps are perfect if you want something out of the ordinary, you are aiming for something modern and dynamic, like neon lights or their effect, and love the shape you can obtain thanks to the illusion they create. 
You can place them in any room, so there is no need to give it too much thought as long as you are happy with the result and how it looks. 
On the other hand, retro table lamps are very straightforward in the style you will obtain, but you can play with them regardless of the design you have at home: minimalist, modern, rustic, classic, anything works well. 
It will be about how it complements the area, if you like the lighting, and more importantly, if you love how it looks at your table and part of the room. Unlike what most people believe, they can be good options for even offices where they tend to keep it sober. 
We encourage you to have a look at other designs such as our jellyfish lamp aquarium, lava lamp, copper table lamps, and vintage lamps with glass shade. 
Personally, we are always obsessed with the last one since these lamps look amazing as night light table lamps since they are perfect to change the mood and go well with cafes, certain businesses, and in any room of your home. 
Besides our Vintage Light Bulb, the Tree Table Lamp is also incredible to achieve the expected result. 

Inspiration, designs, and products
We have it all for you here when it comes to table lamps for living rooms, bedrooms, offices, or any place you have in mind, and the same applies to the style you feel identified the most. 
In Urban Factorie, we have worked hard to offer you a wide range of options and ensure you are happy with any of the items available. We are very proud, love our work and products, and we are confident that you will like them as much as we do. 
When making each table lamp, we have kept in mind your taste but also needs. We don’t want you to have a lamp that looks stunning but it is useless every time you try to read or light your room. 
Expect them to be as durable and resistant as they look. We use the best materials to guarantee they will last for the specific hours they are made for and even more so you can enjoy their beauty and functionality for years without worrying about changing the bulb or having to find a new one. 
As you can see, you will not feel disappointed when acquiring any of our items, so feel free to have a look, find some inspiration, and get the one you are dying to have on your table!