You can have your personal space

In a room, not everything is about placing items that can meet a specific but essential purpose. If you don’t get what we are trying to say, let’s take a bedroom as an example. You have your bed, drawers, side tables, and a few more items that cover your needs, right? But what if you also add a few more that can add a more personal and specific space for you? 
Most women understand this right away since it isn’t a secret that they usually want a special corner or area for them to spend some time doing their makeup, fixing their hairs, and just getting ready. Of course, men can be included since any person wants to have some time and space to invest in themselves. 
Your home, in particular, should be a place where you can have all you need but also want, which is why we are happy and proud to let you know that you can find all the vanities to cover what you’ve wished for all this time. 
This includes a large variety of furniture, accessories, and options that include spaces to save your items and belongings, have an area for yourself and do anything you like. One of the items we decided to include without a doubt are mirrors, makeup organizers, and more. 
Thus, if you’re looking for more storage or elements to prepare your vanity area, in Urban Factorie we have our magnifying mirrors with light for makeup, mirrors with light bulbs, and much more to offer and you can access with only a click. 

Are you building a makeup station? 
Many can think that spending money and time preparing a makeup area where you can just sit and take the time you need to get ready is a waste. We don’t think the same. 
For us in Urban Factorie, all people deserve to spend time and money on things that make them comfortable, happy, and satisfied with the space they have built. Thus, we encourage you to work on that makeup station you’ve been thinking about all this time and acquire a few items that can help you to get an area ready just for you. 
Since we know you will need several products to get it done and be able to use and enjoy it, we have made sure to include a wide range of options in terms of mirrors with light bulbs around them, organizers, drawers, and other features you will love to add to your design and idea. 
For makeup, we have put extra attention to the organizers and drawers we have in store. We know a small space might be enough at the beginning, but you always acquire more makeup over the years and you just don’t want to have your things on top of others because of not enough space for you to storage them. 
We invite you to have a look at our makeup organizing drawers and makeup vanity with drawers included. These options will meet all your needs for small or big products you need to save and place somewhere in order to keep everything organized and far from the risk of getting damaged. 
Our Dresser Table Mirror with Chair Set is a good option if you’re looking for 4 things in one: drawers, mirror, chair, and table. You can always save your products and items in the drawers while having a stunning mirror to do your makeup. We also have some Multi-functional Cosmetic Organizers that are more about the place where you will save your makeup. 

A station needs the perfect mirror
Mirrors are always necessary even if you aren’t interested in having a corner for you to get ready. After all, you need to look at yourself and the mirror in your bathroom will not be enough for this most of the time. 
Thus, here’s what we think about this: you need a mirror in your home, office, and anywhere. This is why we suggest you take the time to choose the right one for your spaces. If you need one for your bathroom, make sure to go for a wide one that can allow you to look at your face and part of your upper body without problems. 
For living rooms, full-body mirrors are perfect and we don’t even have to say that installing a similar one in your closet or bedroom is an excellent idea. 
Now, if you’re focusing on having your makeup station or using one to have a good look at your face, give our makeup mirror with lights a chance. From the simplest to most elaborated and elegant ones, our mirrors are top-notch in quality and functionality. 
We know how useful they are and we want you to have one or more that can meet your needs but also preferences in the image you get when looking at it or when it reflects someone or something else. 
For makeup, we have a large variety of options with or without lights. Starting with the classic mirror with light around it or going to a more professional item like our magnifying mirrors with light for makeup. 
They are stunning, light up everything, and the features we have included in each design will satisfy your preferences. 
The Hollywood Style LED Vanity Makeup Mirror with Light Bulb is more than gorgeous, it is also stunning and breathtaking, and it comes in different sizes to cover your needs. From 2 to 14 light bulbs, we suggest you go for the 10 pieces option. For professional purposes, definitely the 14 pieces one is much better. 
All the bulbs are natural white light, which will give you the closest color to your real skin when looking at the mirror and your makeup will look just as natural in terms of intensity. 

For professionals but also regular use
We know a mirror with 14 light bulbs sounds amazing if you really want a lot of light, but as much as we love the Hollywood Mirror Style we have, we know not all people need a mirror with light bulbs, at least, not with so many. 
This is the main reason why we also have it in smaller sizes that include 2 or 6 bulbs. But what if you want a simpler and more common makeup mirror with light or maybe without it? 
In Urban Factorie, you can find something that looks like it was from a movie or a very common design that goes well with your daily routines or just covers the basics and what you need. A good example of this last option is our Makeup Backlit Mirror with Natural White LED Light. Although this product comes with LED lights, you can also get it as the most ordinary mirror: without them. 
We take our time designing each piece in a specific way, and since we already mentioned we’re willing to offer something extravagant but also simpler options as well, you can expect some of our designs to come in both styles. 
Therefore, you can choose the mirror with lights around it or go for the usual and common one that is pretty much the base and mirror themselves. They come in different colors, and some even have adjustable light colors. 
These mirrors can be made of plastic or metal along with glass. They’re usually around 280x180mm, or can be bigger depending on what you are looking for. We are proud to offer such variety, so don’t hesitate to have a look at all of it before making a final decision. 

Magnifying mirrors are welcome anywhere
We particularly love having a closer look at our faces in many cases, especially when we are doing our makeup, trying to detail the shape of our eyes, or a few details. Regular mirrors will not do the trick even when you get closer to have a look at yourself. 
So, what can you do to actually have a good look at that small spot you are dealing with? A magnifying mirror sounds like a good plan. 
Urban Factorie has several magnifying mirrors with light for makeup or for other purposes. Each one of the items in this category is guaranteed to give you a proper zoom of your face and you will have the chance to still have a normal mirror to compare. 
Our 22 Light LED Mirror is a special magnifying mirror with lights that has 3 parts. The normal mirror with the usual zoom, one with 10x magnification, two with 2x and 3x respectively, and a side one to look at the lateral area of your face. Of course, the 22 lights are integrated into the main mirror to guarantee enough lighting. It is a trifold design you will love. 
On the other hand, we also have individual options that are very similar to our Makeup Backlit Mirrors. They will look like it but the zoom in the item will allow you to sit in your favorite chair and get your makeup ready without having to be super close. 

What is the best makeup mirror with lights?
That will depend on how much you will use it if it is for personal use or professional, and of course, the space in the room where you plan to place it. 
For personal use, you can go with the mirrors that have more than one in the same item. The previous 22 Light LED Mirror is a good example of this and the people who have included it among their utensils consider it perfect and essential for daily use in applying their makeup. 
You don’t always need a mirror with light bulbs, but if you consider it to be more comfortable and the lighting in your room or where you will use it-maybe outdoors-isn’t the best, you should definitely acquire it with lights included. 
In the professional aspect, things get a bit wilder and interesting. Every professional needs a makeup mirror with LED lights. No yellow light bulbs or something similar to what you would use in certain areas at home or in your office. 
Besides, you will need a magnifying makeup mirror with lights for professionals. But what is the difference between one and a regular mirror? 
The closer you can get isn’t always the best, but for makeup, you certainly need to get a closer look without too much effort. This is why you will need a 5x magnification mirror as the main one, but make sure to go for options that also include more magnification in other sections or extra mirrors. 
And of course, don’t forget the lights on it. 
Our makeup mirrors are perfect for anything you need. Either if you are aiming for regular use or the professional mirror with lights on it, we have it for you, and rest assured it will be functional and stunning at the same time. 
Proof of this is our Hollywood Style Mirror, our Makeup Backlit Mirrors, trifold designs, and the stunning black and white mirrors available in the online store. 

We have every vanity item you need
From mirrors to makeup organizing drawers. We have it right here so you can start planning how you will place them in your home or working area. 
In Urban Factorie, we have kept in mind the different needs and preferences of each person. Thus, you will find small or big makeup vanity with drawers that can fit in your space without struggling, and the mirrors we have available are just perfect for anyone who just needs an extra one or will work all day and night with it. 
The plastic, metal, and glass we use for our products are high-class, which means you shouldn’t expect them to break, be too hard to clean or disappoint you with their performance. We are confident about what we offer and it is thanks to all the effort we have invested in our products. 
So, the only thing left for us to is to ask you: which one of our organizers and mirrors will you choose?