Wall Décor

Do you love wall décor? 

Owning a place comes with many tasks and things to do, especially if the place we are talking about is the home where we plan to spend the rest of our lives or, at least, many years. Thus, you want to be comfortable and have a pleasant space every time you arrive from work or just after a walk. 
Well, your wish of having a stunning place can come true with the right décor that completes not only your space but also fulfill all your preferences and designs. You won't have to continue struggling while trying to find the perfect options for your walls.
Thinking about how it is going to be possible? Consider options as modern art on canvas, 3D wall clocks, maybe a world city map, or other options that are out of the ordinary but definitely more stunning than any other idea for your décor. 
Urban Factorie offers a large variety of wall décor that can either complement the design you already have in mind or help you to create a brand-new one that will leave everyone speechless, starting with yourself. 
We have several options in posters, DIY painting with numbers, and even DIY painting by numbers as well as numbers kit; prints, modern art, and any type of wall art you've been looking for or you cannot even imagine. We are confident about having it all for you. Including that amazing watercolor canvas with your favorite plants or mirror sticker that everyone is dying for—even us!

What is DIY painting?
The acronym "DIY" is one of the most popular nowadays. Everyone is trying to make their own art and if the task they have at hand is not difficult, they don't hesitate to give it a try. In the world of painting, it is just the same: a "do it yourself" painting that can decorate your walls. 
Urban Factorie focuses on offering every person the opportunity to obtain one or several DIY paintings that show the different colors, techniques, styles, and talents of the artists who created such masterpieces. 
You can obtain the very characteristic abstract DIY painting for a modern design or a more carefree one that includes a large palette of colors that gives your space the life it is craving. 
We have paintings that include animals, landscapes, plants, figures, and people. All of them coming in different palettes that can help you to obtain a cold, warm, modern, or maybe classic style for your space. 

Do you need poster ideas? 
We want to be more than a place where you can get the products you need for your style. Thus, expect to find inspiration and ideas for the designs and results you are trying to obtain. 
One of our most popular products is the posters that either shows the scene of a movie you always loved, your favorite quote, a dynamic or abstract design, or a mix of all the things you have liked over the years. 
What we love about posters is that you can make one out of anything, and we are here to support this fact. This is why you can get our stunning Back to the Future Poster or get the best quotes from movies and novels we have framed for you. 
Depending on the poster you get from us, you will either obtain a retro, classic, or modern style. You can also aim for a different outcome that will just fit your taste and give that special "something" to your property. 
Not sure about what you want? Here's when we get back to getting poster ideas. Feel free to get the inspiration you need from the products on our website and acquire anything you know will look perfect hanging on your wall. 

A world city map gives more for less
Colors are what most people aim for. Personally, we love them as well, but we are aware that sometimes less can be more, and here is when world city maps enter the scene. 
Our Black and White Custom World City Map is at the top of the list when it comes to what our clients and people overall wish for, and it is thanks to the effort we have invested in making them attractive and unique. 
We didn't want to make it boring as many would think. Therefore, expect each world city map to offer a modern style, be completely original, unframed—or framed—and made with a spray-painting technique and being watercolor the medium for it.
In Urban Factorie, we also offer them in different sizes and taste style. You can have your world city map in as scroll art, canvas art, or photo frame. As for the size, it comes from 13x18 cm to 40x50 cm, which allows you to have it as a small decor or a bigger one that can be part of the center of attention in the room. 
We have a few maps available, but you can always contact us with the city you want, the taste style, and size. We will customize it for you in no time so you can have your map hanging in your room, living room, or wherever you want to see it every time you’re in your space. 

From a plain to an outstanding 3D wall clock
One thing is for sure: everyone needs a clock. 
If you ever visited a property where a wall clock was missing, you know what to gift that person because, let’s be honest, you always want to know the time. 
But going back to what you need and want, we are sure you probably don’t like the idea of having a clock due to how plain they look nowadays, and we will give you that. However, what if we have a better option? Not only a functional one but also amazing in every aesthetical way? 
3D wall clocks are the definition of modern, classic, and stylish together, and we couldn’t be happier to be part of the few people that are willing to provide you with the right design for your home, office, or business. 
All our 3D wall clocks offer a modern style, but we can also adapt them to a more classic one if you wish for it. Now, what are you trying to get in specific? Do you prefer a smart device or a common one that brings the usual look of the numbers and arrows to your wall? 
One of our options consists of a circular clock made of acrylic + EVA with an abstract pattern and digital display. It is perfect for your living room and everyone who visits will fall in love with it. 
But if you’re looking for a fashionable and more creative DIY design, we have a digital and smart option in relief that goes well in your bedroom, office, or living room as well. It is not only an incredible option for you but also for anyone you wish to gift a special wall clock. Maybe your loved ones at home? Even a friend or colleague would die for it!

Modern art on canvas never looked this good
Our art pieces are what we are proud of the most. Yes, we love the clocks and posters, but nothing beats a beautiful painting that brings the modern, colorful, and eccentric design you want. 
Thus, you will find a wide range of paintings that includes a Beautiful Flower Girl Painting, a Frameless Baboon Animal, or a Woman’s Figure. And the best feature about all of them is that you will find the stunning modern art you’re aiming for.
Whatever you want and need, we have it for you, and rest assured that any canvas with modern art you decide to acquire will last for decades, bring out the final touch for the style in your room, offer bright or shade colors according to your preferences and what you aim for. 
Several of our canvases are waterproof and made with pigment ink, which allows you to hang them in any room of your property including bathrooms and areas where water would be a problem most of the time. 
Are they practical in size? Totally. We wanted to make sure that you can fit one in any wall and any place, which is why we offer all of them in small, medium, and large sizes. You can either have a small piece of art next to your bed or have a large canvas covering the main wall in your living room or on top of your bed. 
Discover what true modern art is and find a selection of some of the high-class paintings in the world that can only be found in our store. 

How to hang a clock, painting, poster, or any of our décor
It is as simple as using a stud or basic screw. 
Most wall décor is heavy and what worries people are the chances of them falling and not only get damaged but also ruining the rest of the décor or accessories in the room. 
We didn’t want to make things so complicated with our DIY paintings, posters, and even 3D wall clocks. For the latest, they are indeed heavier than the standards but we have made sure to reduce the weight and allow you to hang them in no time and with simple materials and tools. 
For any of our wall décor options, you can use a simple screw and place it on the wall at the right height and space. However, we would highly recommend using a stud in the process. A secure screw coming directly out of the wall is perfect for one of our clocks, but if you’re able to add a stud or there’s one available behind the drywall, make sure to use it. 
Hanging your world city map, 3D wall clock, DIY painting, poster, or any of our products will be a piece of cake by following a few steps:
Locate a stud in your wall with a stud finder. 
Take the clock, painting, or wall décor and place it in the area where you located the stud.
Make a mark at the top of the decor with a pencil where you will drill a screw into the wall with 1/3 of the screw sticking out. Make sure it is installed along with the stud.
Then, only hook them onto the screw in the small hole or wire backings. All our wall décor includes the feature to easily hang them. 
If you don’t have a stud, you can always use a screw alone by drilling the hole with it or go for a simple adhesive hook we suggest to use in our canvas and paintings only. 
In only a few minutes, you will have the best DIY painting with numbers for your bedroom, an amazing 3D wall clock for your living room, or the map of your favorite city in the world. 

Where to acquire wall décor for your home or office 
At Urban Factorie, we have available all the pieces mentioned so far:
3D wall clocks. 
DIY painting. 
Prints and posters.
World city maps.
Wall art. 
And more. 
We’re always innovating, using the best materials, and making sure every piece of art is more stunning than the other but unique and special in its own way. 
We are the only store where you can obtain the most stylish, modern, classic, unique, and elegant décor worldwide. You won’t get disappointed with the product you receive since each one will look exactly and even better than the original pictures you can appreciate on our website. 
If you are looking for the best, we have it for you, and we are more than thrilled to be able to be part of your space and property by enhancing its beauty with the best décor.
We have included all our items on our website and online store, so you can buy any size, style, and customize it according to your preferences. We offer free worldwide shipping on all orders for you to finally live your style!
At Urban Factorie, we want to help you to create a home and space you can truly enjoy and love as much as yourself. Start obtaining our products, expertise, and ideas for wall pictures, posters, and more!