Wall Shelves

Not enough space? A shelf sounds like a good option

When you own a small home or office, you need to make sure that every space counts. Or—on the other hand—if you have plenty of space but don’t feel like filling every single one of them with objects and furniture, you will have to find options that give you all the storage you need. 
Why storage? Because we all need enough space to save our belongings and certain products for our use. Without the required space to do so, you will end up with every small item or object in different parts of your home or office, and you can bet that your property will look like anything but organized. 
Thus, the best thing you can do if you need space to place your décor, items, belongings, and more, is to obtain organizers and shelves that can make the best out of your space and be placed in strategic areas of the property. 
Wooden wall shelves or floating shelves are additions you definitely need for your home or office since they will not take space where you could place a table or more furniture that will cover your need for more chairs, an area to work, or just add your favorite décor. 
And don’t worry, they won’t look horrible like most people believe. You just need a hanging shelf with rope or one that brings an aesthetical and pleasant appearance to your area. 
In Urban Factorie, we offer over 10 different options in organizers and shelves separately. You will definitely find what you need but also, what you want. After all, our items are perfect to place anything in them and look stunning thanks to the features they have. If you liked the idea of a hanging shelf with rope, you bet we have it here along with many other designs and options. 

For what can you use your wall shelf?
More than an object to put your décor or maybe some books, look at it as an organizer instead of just an additional item for a place that doesn’t have enough storage. 
Wall shelves are more than just a piece of metal, plastic, or wood that you place in your walls. They are perfect items to organize your books in your room, place some of your plants to bring a bit more color and green to your indoor spaces, or maybe use them to organize all your products in the bathroom, kitchen, or office. 
With the right size, you will get all the space you need to place your items without having to depend on other options that usually take a lot of space from your rooms. Just think about it for a second. You have a shelf that is in the corner of your room and even when it looks good and brings you the storage you need or meets its organizer purpose, you know you could use that corner for something else—and probably more relevant. 
If you had a hanging shelf, that wouldn’t be a problem.
In short, you can use your wall shelves as organizers for any space in your property. You can have a hanging shelf for your bathroom, kitchen, or maybe a wall shelf in the living room. 
We have a large variety that will give you more than enough chances to find the right shelf in terms of design, size, and preferences. 

You can have a hanging shelf for your bathroom
Here’s something common among people: they leave almost everything they use on top of the handwash or countertop in the bathroom. As a result, there’s barely space to place your toothbrush or anything at the moment of using it during the day. 
All this can be solved if you had enough space not only to store your extra toilet papers and some products but also place what you use daily. Hanging shelves for bathrooms are valuable nowadays not only inside of the shower or next to the tub but also, next to your mirror and handwash.
In Urban Factorie, we have several options available that will do 3 things for you: add style, give space for your bath accessories, and offer more room for your daily items along with some décor. 
The challenge in placing a wall shelf in your bathroom is that it usually has to stand water. Well, we can tell you right away that wood is not the option you should go for, and since we are more than aware of this you will find out that all our hanging shelves for bathrooms are made of aluminum, which definitely stands the test of water and brings a unique style to the room. 
Our Black Bathroom Shelf along with the silver color is our clients’ favorite and we understand why. It goes well with any color and design in your bathroom, and we guarantee it will be useful and look amazing for years. This option comes in different sizes and with a special feature that allows you to hang a towel all day long.
You will also find Bathroom Organizer Racks with different options and presentations. The most requested so far is the Gray Long Hook Towel Rack Model, but we also have a few short or small options that do not include a rack and you can use to place small items. These hanging shelves for your bathrooms are even more fitting if you’re looking for an option that includes drawers for usually very small items that can get lost easily. 

Light up your kitchen with a floating shelf
Cabinets are what people place on every wall of the kitchen. However, this idea and design can be overwhelming when you don’t want to see boxes in every inch. Thus, floating shelves can be your life saviors if you want more light, space, and unique design that doesn’t sacrifice storage for it. 
Our metal wooden shelves are perfect for any kitchen, especially those with the very usual and stunning open concept and bright setting. 
We know many people don’t like the idea of having a hanging shelf in the kitchen for safety concerns, but we assure you that our options are not only stylish but also safe. The Metal Wooden Rustic Floating Shelf—we are certain you’ll love—meets all the requirements you are looking for. 
It is easy to place or install, adds a natural and open vibe to the kitchen, and offers the opportunity to go for another décor in order to design the heart of your home just as you want it to be. 
We have more shelves available that come in different colors and sizes. Also, rest assured they are all easy to install and can resist a lot of weight for the items you’re probably planning to place on them. 

Need more space for your clothes? 
Have you ever thought that maybe drawers are not the best way to optimize the space in your closets and wardrobe? They take a lot of space due to the structure alone when you could get more inches that would definitely help with the rest of your clothes. 
Our Urban Factorie store offers closet organizers that will make your life easier and save you both space and time in case you were planning to install some drawers.
The options we have available are definitely the best closet organizers for small closets you can get in the market. They are practical, well-made, and still look stunning. Out of all the products in this particular category, we highly recommend our Adjustable Closet Organizer. 
This item not only comes in 4 different colors so you can blend it well with your closet in terms of style, but it also gives you the option to use it for a small or big space. You won’t have to take measurements and expect it to be the organizer you need but also fits. 
And unlike what anyone would believe, it will not fall. It is simple to adjust, install, and you can always remove it to place it in another closet without any issues. It is stunning and 100% functional. However, if you’re aiming for a more traditional design that involves wood instead of plastic, we can provide it as well. 
Just take your time by looking at our closet organizers for kids, small closets, or maybe take some ideas and find the right one for your walk-in closet organizer project. There are many ideas you can get from our products available since we also like to be innovative and unique while also continue offering classic alternatives. 
Thus, look forward to our previously mentioned organizers and also a hanging shelf for closets, an option with hooks, and more. 

A decorative wall shelf is always needed
Wall décor is important in every home or office. However, sometimes you have to optimize your space. As a result, not everyone has enough walls to place paintings, sculptures, or any sort of wall art. 
We don’t want you to quit to the idea of having a beautiful wall just because you need a bit more space to put some of your belongings and items when one of our decorative wall shelves can offer you both. 
We have thought about every detail when it comes to the products we offer. Thus, they will meet your needs for organizing everything but also your preferences and desires to have a good-looking and stunning home or office. 
Our decorative wall shelves are the perfect addition to your rooms where you can place a plant, some books, pictures, and photos, or maybe use them to have some of your extra items organized and being part of a decorative purpose. 
We have very simple options and unique ones that will go well in a rustic, modern, minimalist, or eccentric interior design. Starting with our Nordic Style Wooden Wall Shelf that can be hanged in your wall thanks to the rope and has several features that can be customized—including the color.
Other wooden wall mounted shelves can also be perfect for your décor and bring more space in case you want a mixed purpose: organize but also decorate. 
We are loving every option we have added in this section in particular because all the combination of iron with wood, metal, and different styles are making everyone fall in love and obtain what they want along with what they need. 

How to install our wall shelves
In Urban Factorie, we think about your comfort and preferences at the same time. Thus, expect every single one of our shelves to be easy to install. 
The wooden wall mounted shelves are particularly easy to place since you only need studs and screws. It is very similar to hanging wall art. Now, you can also go for the option of using command strips for it, but this will depend on what you plan to place on your shelves. 
If you are only placing a few items that aren’t heavy, using command strips will save you the time of looking for the studs and placing the screws. But if you will place books, anything heavy, or maybe install the shelf in your kitchen, make sure to go for the usual way of the stud that will give you the most supportive base for it. 
On the other hand, metal, iron, or plastic shelves are usually installed by attaching mounting brackets to the wall but following the same method of the studs and screws to hold it and hang the shelf. 

How much weight can wall shelves hold?
All our wooden wall shelves, hanging shelves for living rooms, bathrooms, and every product in our store, can support approximately 30 to 75 pounds. However, keep in mind that it depends on a few aspects as well:
The material the shelf is made of.
How many studs and screws were used—or if you used command strips.
How deep the shelf is or will be. 
If you build it correctly, you can go for heavy objects, but always keep in mind the size of the shelf and how much you can actually place on it. 
We are confident about their durability and resistance, after all, we have made sure to build them with the best materials. However, we are more than just a store that wants you to acquire our products and say our farewells.
Thus, we encourage you to be careful with what you place on them by considering the method you use to install any of our items, the area where you place them, and the use you will give to your organizer or shelf.