Wine Glasses & Flutes

Drinking can be fun for other reasons

When we go out or just stay at home, sometimes we want to have a drink to finish our day and finally relax, and we are not referring to drinking alcohol necessarily. Instead, maybe you just want to have your favorite drink after days, weeks, or even months. 
Now, if you are going for wine, champagne, or something similar, you must know already that most people who love these drinks as well don’t always feel comfortable by having them in a mug or regular glass but rather have a wine glass or flute that makes it a bit fancy but also proper.
At home, you might not be used to having any glass to have specific drinks and you probably have random ones for juice and water, but that doesn’t have to be like that. 
You can bring some style to your late nights or even your meals and especially dinners by having different flute types and wine glasses. 
In Urban Factorie, we want to make sure you have fun drinking and not only because of what you are consuming alone, but also thanks to what you are using to drink. 
Therefore, rest assured you will find a wide range of options when it comes to red wine glasses, flutes glasses for champagne, or even an entire crystal glasses set for your dining table and special occasions. 
And who knows, you might find very artistic and fun designs and options that are definitely out of the ordinary. 

Enjoy your red wine with the best wine glass
Being at home means you should be able to relax and have anything you want but also, to decorate it and stylish everything exactly as you have dreamed all this time. 
Therefore, you shouldn’t limit yourself when you decide to acquire certain elements that you think will go better with the design you have in mind but also meet your needs either if they are relevant or not. After all, you need to be happy. 
This applies a lot to the utensils you use as well, which is why we brought this up even when what we want to talk about are flutes and glasses. 
Having your red wine, champagne, or just your water and juice during your dinner and lunch, doesn’t have to depend on simple glasses or mugs that you very likely use for everything. Yes, we mentioned it before, but since we have a wide range of options and items for you, we want you to get what you truly one: a glass that honors the drink you’re having. 
In our store, you can find colorful, classy, elegant, and vintage red wine glasses that will offer you the best experience when having your drink. 
If you want a starting point, we definitely suggest you look at our Creative Classy Wine Glass. We have a total of 3 different designs and each one of them is delicate and goes well on your dining table or if you decide to drink alone or with some friends. 
Believe us, this wine glass for red ones will make a difference when you have your drink with them.  
If you are looking for a more creative and unique design, we are in love with the Built-in Shark Wine Glass that is amazing as a red wine glass due to the effect it gives thanks to the design. 
Yes, the ‘shark’ means you will find one shaped into the glass or rather added inside it. We also have other shapes available in case you want a different look than the shark one. 

Knowing about flute types means you will never stop using them
In Urban Factorie, we understand why people love flutes to drink anything, even drinks that aren’t even wine or champagne. 
If you are trying to understand it and get some in order to do so or just because you feel like needing them, here’s a spoiler: they make you feel amazing when you are drinking with them and how they look on your table or while chatting with others with your drink in your hand will be something stunning. 
Overall, flutes are classified depending on the drink you are having, which is why you will notice they are regularly used as champagne flutes.
However, many people just decide to go for their drinks and use them because it makes the content look stylish and more appealing to drink. Just imagine having an orange juice in the morning in one instead of using a random plastic glass at home. 
Now, when you go deeper into it, it is true that flutes are mostly used for champagne, wine, and cocktails only, which is why you won’t get many types or ways to use it except for the ones you decide to give it, and here, we assure you can use them for anything you want, especially due to the items we offer you. 
In our store, you can find stunning champagne glass flutes as well as many other flute types when it comes to the shape and how they look in specific since we have made sure to offer a wide range in terms of their design. 
Our Woman’s Body Shaped Champagne Flute is different in a good way and we are sure you will love it if you are looking for something more eccentric and unique. 
While other products like our Luxury Champagne Flutes will look perfect on any table and occasion and are definitely more classic and elegant. 
Other options like the Double Wall Wine Flute are for this drink in particular due to the specific design that looks clean and we are sure you will love it since it is just like a wine glass with gold rims. 

Get wild with our vintage and unique designs 
Knowing some of our wine glasses and champagne flutes available, we want to talk about something different: unique designs. 
Needing one or a whole set is just natural when you own a home or property where you reside or spend a lot of time. Therefore, looking and buying glasses or flutes is only natural and something you should be able to enjoy, especially when you want to get a bit creative with the ones you get. 
In Urban Factorie, we share your ideas and wanted to give more options that looked out of the ordinary, which we are sure you can already tell. 
This is why you can find skull-shaped crystal glasses that are definitely what anyone who uses it will keep talking about for a while and most importantly, a design you will enjoy having at home. 
We are very proud of the skull wine glasses available in our store because they are unique and different in every way. Did you ever think about having your favorite wine in a skull glass? We don’t think so! And that’s exactly what we are aiming for. 
We definitely have very basic and classic designs and crystal glasses set for you, but since we wanted people to find from the simplest to the strangest designs, we added much more than what you can imagine. 
Besides skull wine glasses, we also have multi-color wine glasses that look stunning when going for colorful and vintage designs. 
While our 2pcs/set Colorful Wine Glass is something you need to look forward to if you like different colors at the same time. 
We love our crystal sets, glasses, flutes, and every option and item available in our store, and we are certain you will love them as much as we do since you will be able to create your own vibe and style. 
For our skull wine glass, you can find the Stainless-Steel Skull Gothic Wine Glass available in our store, which is quite durable and resistant. The shape of the skull varies according to the design you choose and we also have more options available in this material. 

How to wash crystal glasses
Spicing up your table setting or special occasion when having drinks with your friends or family can be more difficult than you think, and it is due to how clean your glasses must be in order to obtain the desired result and make everything enjoyable. 
Washing crystal glasses is a task that needs to be done properly if you want them to look neat and also ensure they are clean enough to have your drinks. 
So, let’s make a few things clear, starting with this one: you SHOULD NOT wash crystal glasses with your dishwasher. They will easily crack and the heat produced from the dishwasher will only damage the quality of the crystal as well. 
To wash your crystal glasses set or red wine glasses, champagne flutes and glasses, or any other you own, you will have to hand wash them every single time. Therefore, you might need to consider going for them if you prefer to use your dishwasher for everything. 
However, we assure you it is worth the struggle and work when you look at your setting and have your drinks in these stunning glasses. 
Now, getting them washed is simpler than you think. You only need warm soapy water to wash them, rinse thoroughly with regular water and dry them with a lint-free cloth. 
We would recommend letting them dry in a place before using the cloth to get rid of the excess water, but make sure you don’t get to the point where water spots are left on the glasses. 
We offer comfort as well as aesthetics 
We understand that sometimes, you are not looking for stunning designs that are very hard to take care of, or maybe you just want them to meet their function. 
If this is the case, you don’t have to force yourself to go for our skull wine glasses, shark ones, or any other eccentric product in our store. 
As we mentioned before, we also offer very classic and simple red wine glasses as well as other flutes for champagne that will look neat without having to quit to the simple and usual style. 
Our 12oz Wine Glass and Classy Wine Glass are the perfect items for you as well as our Super Niche Professional Goblet Glass. 
Now, here’s another aspect we want to focus on: comfort. Are our glasses comfortable to use? 
All of them have a well-designed and made support to ensure you can hold your glass without worrying it may fall at any moment or if you don’t hold it in a specific way. 
But this comfort isn’t the only one we aimed for. We also wanted to offer options that are different from the usual glass and crystal that makes everyone worry about them breaking or being damaged. 
The Portable Silicone Wine Cup in our store is perfect for everyone that wants some style while also being able to stop thinking about how the glass might break if we are not careful enough. 
We also have something you might love or hate, but we are rather betting for the first option: A Drinking Directly from Bottle Clear Wine Glass. You can easily screw it on the bottle and have your wine without worrying about holding a glass but rather the bottle itself. 
It is unconventional, but we can all relate at some point since drinking from the bottle, especially when we are at home, has its own beauty and it’s even easier to enjoy the good time you are having while drinking your wine. 

Browse our items and products
We are confident that you will find any crystal glasses set, red wine glass, or the specific flute type you are looking for, in our store. We have worked hard to ensure you and everyone else gets the specific design and high-quality products that meet both needs and preferences. 
Therefore, take your time to browse our website and products to ensure you are getting the perfect one for you. 
Each one of our glasses is made with the utmost care, best materials, and guaranteeing comfort when using them. So, rest assured you are getting high-quality items.